General localisation fixes Part 1


A roll up of general localisation or il8n issues. Will be closed as soon as the current list is fixed. A new bug can then be created for future reports.

1. A sentence is created from in_sumStatTotalLabel, in_sumStatTotal, in_sumModTotalLabel, and in_sumModTotal. Make it a single entry in the bundle (like "Ability Points Used: {0} Total Mods: {1}".




Vincent Hatakeyama
August 27, 2012, 10:30 PM

Let’s make this issue, a general bundle remarks/bugs one (can’t edit the title)

2. in_sumCannotLowerStatBelow, in_sumCannotLowerStatBelowPurchase : there is a double space in the value.

3. in_Prefs_pcgen might be better in the non-l8n resource file. All strings with PCGen (like “Settings that affect the appearance of PCGen.”) should probably be replaced to use that name (in my example, “Settings that affect the appearance of {0}.” with {0} replaced by the value in the non-l8n file).

4. There’s several strings with “Can''t”. Why the double quoting? Is it necessary? Consider replacing them by “Can’t”.

5. in_qsrc_game_default is only {0}. Consider adding a comment in the default bundle file.

6. Feats & abilities tab: Feats, Traits, Aflliction, Archetype (nested tab title) are missing in the bundle.

7. Initializing UI (splash) is missing.

Vincent Hatakeyama
August 27, 2012, 11:36 PM

8. About PCGen frame title (from about menu) is missing. Sponsors Info and Our sponsors in the same frame missing too.

9. Companions, the tab name seems to be non l8n, the string exists in the localization bundles. in_companionCreateNew might be simpler by being “Create” rather than “Create New”.

10. In the resume tab, Languages is not i10n. Under it, in the list, there is two entry to add languages, either Int mod bonuses or skill related. The text is concatenation of “Add” + some text. It need to be changed to several strings that are “Add x”, “Add y”.
The strings of the choose language dialog are not i10ned. That window also lacks accelerators for ok/cancel, and the Esc key does not do as the cancel button.

11. In the Preferences dialog, Plugins, Plugin Launch, run this plugin? are all not i10ned. “Run this plugin?” should probably not have an interrogation point, as it follows a checkbox.

12. Preferences then output: the paper size is not i10n.

James Dempsey
August 28, 2012, 2:45 AM

Just to strike a few off quickly to start with.
1. This has been tried before but the layout foiled the attempt. The current combinations of bold and non bold text are the best we can do at this time.
3. The return on investment for replacing every instance of PCGen is too low, so no change there. However I will switch the in_Prefs_pcgen back to the constant which is normally used.
4. Single quote ' is treated by Java as a special character in resource bundles, so it needs to be escaped '' to work. See
6. These names come from the data so can't be localised at this time. It may be worth a separate feature request for that.

James Dempsey
August 28, 2012, 5:53 AM

Fixed issues 2 (also fixed a few other entries with double spaces), 3, 5, and 7 - 12.

Vincent Hatakeyama
September 7, 2012, 6:18 AM

I should be ashamed having forgot that double quotes are need. At the same time, I don’t use them anymore, I use typographic quotes all the time.


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