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Players involved with the Pathfinder Society Organized Play all go through the same set of commercial modules. Paizo, and others, sell these modules, and all follow the same basic structure (for game play). I'm not a Pathfinder expert, but I'll outline my understanding, as well as how I think this feature could work.

This information is available in the following free document.

A scenario is a small campaign intended for one play-session. Playing these scenarios is how the play progresses their character through the levels of the RPG. For each scenario completed, the character receives 1 XP (for Standard Advancement), or ½ XP (Slow Advancement). Once a character has chosen one of these models, it can not be changed. Each character chooses a Faction to affiliate themselves with, from a list of options. This is not optional, each character must be affiliated with a lodge (although it can change). Each character also has a unique Pathfinder Society ID number.

Scenarios are intended for a group with a specified level range. The scenario can be scaled to a different level range, as stated on the scenario sheet the GM uses. As one would expect, the scaling is used to determine the encounters, and treasure. Treasure found during the scenario may be used by any of the party, but may not be kept. These items become available for purchase by the characters after the scenario is over (or at any later time).

Scenarios allow for the earning of Prestige and Fame points. These two different point types can then be used to purchase items in the game, or to make items available for purchase.

This ranks how well know the character is with the Pathfinder Society itself. Up to two Prestige points may be earned per scenario: one for completing the mission, and one for completing a Faction mission. The Faction mission is given, secretly, to the characters in each faction playing that scenario, at the beginning of play. Characters generated with the Slow Advancement option only earn ½ of these points.

Prestige points can be spent. They can be used to actually buy items (with a GP ratio to the points the character has), or to purchase services. Once spent, the point goes away, and more must be earned.

This ranks how well known the character is withing heir own Faction. These points can change Diplomacy rolls against others in their Faction. They can be used to purchase items from the Faction, where the number of Fame points limits the items that can be purchased; the more Fame, the more valuable item that can be purchased. Fame is not spent as Prestige is.

Certain scenarios afford the character special abilities or protections. For example, in one scenario, if a character makes a donation at a shrine, they receive Kalye's Blessing. This grants the character a +1 Luck Bonus on any saving throw against a dragon's breath weapon, and may be used three times. As an other example, the Snowmask Clan can make your character a Brother of the tribe; this bestows a permanent benefit of Endure Elements (cold only, 0 degrees and above only) as a Supernatural Ability.

Characters may have a Day Job. If the character has a marketable skill, they can work during the week for gold. During the scenario (before or typically after), the GM will award gold earned to those characters that have a day job.

In addition to scenarios, Pathfinder has Adventure Paths. This is a group of six specific scenarios. These scenarios can not be played outside the Adventure Path.

Things to track:
--Pathfinder Society ID
--Fame earned
--Prestige earned
--gold earned
--XP earned
--items found
--GM running scenario
--unlocked abilities / special availability / things that can be done as a result of
--day job earnings

These items could just be tracked manually, in an Scenario form on one of the existing tabs. Even better would be to actually tie them in to the PCGen system, where ticking things automatically tracks awards, availability, inventory, temporary bonuses, gold, XP, etc.




Andrew Maitland
May 19, 2012, 11:47 PM

These can be tracked by the new UI easy enough, Campaign Chronicles. Plus users have the abilities to add notes to the character via the UI which will display on the character. I don't see anything Data related here to add. Please review the new pcgen version 5.17.13 and see if this meets your intentions. If so, please cancel this tracker. Cheers,

Andrew Maitland
December 26, 2012, 8:53 PM

6.0 is out. Please review the above. I still don't see much that needs to be implemented.

Timothy Reaves
December 27, 2012, 9:34 AM

Well, it's a far cry from what I asked about. It is something though. I've played with it, and I need to double check, but, it seems somethings a bit twonky with it. I'll investigate more. One glaring omission - that has general appeal - is no field for gold earned.

Andrew Maitland
December 27, 2012, 11:02 AM

James, this seems more Code. Nothing Data I can implement.

Andrew Maitland
December 27, 2012, 11:05 AM

Tim, it might be best to go onto the mailing list to hash out how exactly you expect this to look. I'm thinking the existing Campaign Chronicles that James inserted would be a good jumping point. Maybe adding the fields there, or having a template for Pathfinder Society.




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