Fighter feats (power attack / furious focus / vital strike) not correctly calculating / displaying bonuses - sample .pcg attached showing problems


First off, huge kudos to the team! PCGen 6.00 seriously rocks! Making a fairly complex 11th level human fighter turned up a relatively minor set of bugs. I've tried to collect them all (as they seem to all be bonus or display related) into a single, sample character .pcg file (attached). All the below errors should be seen in the example character.

All issues involve feats and fighter class abilities, weapons those feats affect, and/or displays of those values on the sheet.

Individual errors are as follows in decreasing severit:

1) "Furious Focus" feat doesn't seem to be applied at all. Should negate the "Power Attack" to-hit penalty on first attack. Having the feat seems to have no effect on the numbers. If "Power Attack" is assigned to a weapon, it still shows the full negative on the first attack.

2) "Weapon Training" I or II (fighter ability) seems to not be applied at all in the case of Great Axe, and in the case of a (custom) magic, +1 composite (str +2) longbow, the "Weapon Training - Bow" ability appears to actually reduce the damage. See sample character for this in action.

3) "Vital Strike" damage doesn't seem to be calculated or displayed for any weapon, nor does the option to apply it as a "Temporary modifier" (like power attack) appear on that menu.

4) (display issue on character sheets) Any weapon marked for use with "Power Attack" shows up twice in the equipment list, and with an incorrect "weight" field.

5) (display issue) Light weapons, like "Spiked Gauntlet" can't be used two handed. Their 2H stat blocks should all be N/A, ore removed entirely, as is done with the one-handed blocks for two-handed weapons, like "Great Axe"


Ubuntu Linux 10.04


Jesse Mundis
March 17, 2013, 1:15 AM

Andrew, thank you for your quick and thorough responses. Please take care of yourself, as sick at work is a miserable time, I know. I'll leave this combined tracker entry closed, but I think there may still be a few minor bugs here. See description below and new attachments, and advise if you'd like me to open new issues for any of these specifically.

In response to your comments above:

#1 - Furious Focus is duplicated - What is the tracker number for that? Search only came up with Data-527 which is closed and cancelled. Is there a an open feature request in the Code tracker that I could watch for status on this issue?

#2 - we are both right! If I load up the .pcg file, the numbers are correct, as you show in the attached pdf. But, if I go to "Feats and Abilities" tab, and the "Class Abilities" subtab and remove either "training" (the stats go down correctly - confirmed that switching back to the "Character sheet" tab) then add it back in, I see the two errors I describe when I return to the "Character sheet" tab. Axe bonus doesn't seem to be applied at all, and Bow goes down. Both after the Character sheet page finishes its redraw. That's what I saw when I reported the problem originally, though now loading the .pcg file, as you did, the numbers look correct. I can still duplicate the bug by removing and re-adding either weapon training though, and it persists on the character sheet until saved and reloaded (apparently). This may be worth a new bug entry.

#3 is clearly your call, but I think Vital Strike is exactly as important to display on the character sheet (as a temporary modifier) as Power Attack is. How are they any different? Each is a feat which adds damage to an attack when used. As character goes up in level, so does the power attack damage. Vital strike goes up with Improved and Greater Vital Strike in a similar way. Power attack adds +3, Vital strike adds a die. I guess I don't see why Power Attack gets its own display on the character sheet (as a temp modifier) and Vital Strike doesn't. Please reconsider adding this.

#4 appears to be like #2. Loading the .pcg file fresh, the weights and equipment list are correct, but if you go to "temp bonuses," remove "Power Attack 2H" for great axe, confirm it is correct and gone from the character sheet, then add it back, and you will see the other attached screen shot I saw, with the duplicated equipment entry, with a zero weight. I don't think it should be a duplicated entry in the equipment list.

#5 I mistyped originally. You are exactly correct for light weapons in general, but a Gauntlet can't be wielded two handed at all. Primary and Offhand, yes. My comment about "Light" weapons was incorrect, but I'd think Gauntlet and "Spiked Gauntlet" should have the 2H block removed. Probably not worth the special case exception if that's too difficult to do, but if it's easy, seems a nice clean up touch.

So, I'd like to track #1's open duplicate bug number, #2 and #4 seem to be minor display issues with a work around (save and reload) but which should probably still be fixed if you can reproduce them. #3 is an opinion call, and at the very least I'd like it as a feature request - Vital Strike seems very Power-Attack-y to me, and should be treated the same. And #5 is just a minor esthetic tweak, as I can't see how to wield a (spiked) Gauntlet two-handed.

Once more, thanks for listening to me blather over relatively minor bugs in an otherwise exceptional product. They are just the things that bit me, personally.



Jesse Mundis
March 17, 2013, 1:17 AM

Screen shots of what I see when I take the actions described in my most recent comment March 16 2013.

Jesse Mundis
March 17, 2013, 1:30 AM

Addenda. Just noticed that reloading the .pcg doesn't fix the longbow number for weapon training II, but does fix the Axe number. Very odd. If there is any further debugging I can do to help you figure out what is different, please let me know.

Andrew Maitland
March 17, 2013, 2:03 AM

#2 - Open a new code bug for the UI refresh issues.

#1 - For the Furious Focus Support - NEWTAG-228 and NEWTAG-227 need to be enacted.

#3 Power Attack Vs. Vital Strike are two separate animals. Vital Strike is adding additional dice of damage. Outside of the scope of what I can do in the program. There is no tag that allows adding more dice. Hence, the ability suffices as it clearly states what will happen. The difference between Power Attack vs. Vital Strike - you make a single attack, and deal extra dice worth of damage, Power Attack affects your ability to Hit for all attacks, and increases the Damage of all your attacks by a set amount and that damage is COUNTED towards critical hits/damage. Plus, here's the major difference, those additional dice are the same as Sneak Attack, Skirmishing, or Special Weapon Damage. They aren't part of the weapon proper and not counted for Critical Hits/Damage. So where exactly would you want to see this extra damage appear? Can't be the damage box, as that could confuse the end user. And I'm not going to rip apart the OS code to place a note in the Special Properties of all the weapons that you can double the Dice for this special attack. You might convince me that Special Attacks should be listed on the same page as Weapons, but that becomes an OS feature request and totally different from this request. So that's where I stand on the issue. If you have a very compelling reason why this should be changed, by all means make it. However, the same reason should apply to Sneak Attack, Skirmishing, and the host of other Attack Options that also add damage to attacks; that my friend is the difference here. I'll be happy to pick up this discussion on our pcgen yahoo group. I'd be more inclined to add a Special Attacks section to the OS front page for damage only style abilities.

#4 - I opened a request to suppress dummy equipment entries (see CODE-2098)

#5 - There is no rule against using a 'gauntlet' two-handed, trying to code a corner case for one single item doesn't seem worth the effort. The numbers are correct in all instances, so having the box populated on the sheet doesn't do any harm. (I spent three hours seeing if there was a method to place N/A instead, ugh! and again I say ugh! xslt is not fun to filter stuff through!)


Jesse Mundis
March 17, 2013, 12:38 PM

You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. Consider this combined bug closed. Your previous comment covers all of my remaining concerns.

I'll open a new code bug for the UI refresh #2, I'll watch/follow: NEWTAG-228, NEWTAG-227, and CODE-2098. I completely agree Vital Strike should be treated like Sneak attack. I like the idea of a Special Attacks section on the front page for damage-only style abilities. Finally, thanks for taking the time looking for an easy Gauntlet fix. Agree it's a corner case, and sounds like it's not worth the effort. The rules don't say you can't two-hand wield a gauntlet 2-handed, but as a GM, I probably wouldn't allow it.






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