Skills pane's ability modifier out of sync with actual modifiers.


My character's charisma is 10, adjusted to 8 by the Dwarf's Race Adjustment. That results in a -1 Ability Modifier. I have no ranks applied to e.g. the 'Bluff' skill. On the Skills pane the total value is correctly calculated to be -1 in the list on the left of the screen (i.e. the one where you can add ranks) but on the overview list on the 'right' side the ability modifier is listed as 0 and the total value is therefore also 0. The same happens on the Character pane and when exporting the character.

My character has been attached to this Jira issue.


Windows 7, latest Java


Alexander Fichtner
November 2, 2013, 11:09 AM

Forgot to mention that I also noticed this behavior on the 6.00.01 release version.

Alexander Fichtner
November 2, 2013, 11:42 AM

Also it seems that this issue is non-deterministic... sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. I tried it several times by fully restarting PCGen and loading the attached character and could only sometimes witness that behavior.

James Dempsey
November 2, 2013, 6:55 PM

This is an issue with the timing of the evaluation of bonuses to CHA and when the modifier value gets cached.

The bonuses involved are:

  1. Charisma: STATMOD:floor(SCORE/2)-5

  2. CATEGORY=Internal|Default ability: BONUS:STAT|CHA|RacialStatCha|TYPE=Racial

  3. Dwarf: BONUS:VAR|RacialStatCHA|-2

Now if a skill call (e.g. a bonus based on a charisma based skill) is evaluated before the 2nd bonus is processed, then the value without the bonus is cached.

The behaviour persists through reloads of the character, but randomly after restarts, as the random order of the bonuses and objects is set once on load of the data.

The solution will involve either tracking the dependency of bonus 1 on bonus 2 or changing the caching of stat values.

Andrew Maitland
November 2, 2013, 8:21 PM

Hm, Data I can pull out the racial stat var, as the TYPE=Racial addresses the issue that workaround was put in place to handle.

James Dempsey
November 3, 2013, 6:11 PM

I've made bonuses built from skills depend on stat bonuses being completed first. This means that the charisma is now always settled before the skills are queried and the charisma modifier cached.



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