PCGen 6.03.x refuses to load character created in 6.02.1


I have been installing and running the Betas of 6.03.x and generally
getting on fine;
the main campaign is still on 6.02.1.

I created an NPC in 6.02.1, but when I load it I get an error which does
not provide enough to edit the PCG file, and which makes PCGen refuse to
open the file.

doubtless some (unknown to me) change is indeed incompatible, but a
further problem is that I can't see which ability (so I can't manually
edit the PCG file)

CAMPAIGNathfinder RPG Core Supplements|CAMPAIGN:Inner Sea
Primer|CAMPAIGN:Legacy of Fire Player's Guide (Conversion)


Win7 64bit, Java 7


Andrew Maitland
August 26, 2014, 9:00 PM


Migration file has this:
ABILITY:Special Ability|Deflect Arrows MAXVER:6.4.00 NEWKEY:Monk Bonus Feat ~ Deflect Arrows

No category changes took place. I'm not certain how data can correct this. I avoided doing blanket monster race changes since the internal race trait would automatically correct that (error would appear, but nothing to fix as the issue is self-corrected). PC races though should have been fixed.

Andrew Maitland
August 26, 2014, 9:45 PM

, Let me amend the last comment - the migration file was used to correct anything that was PC related - to avoid errors, as well as any CHOICE issues, especially Choices that would not migrate.

Marid is a monster, all four abilities are changed to the new naming standard, thus you get the error, but the marid is still correct. Making the migration for all the monsters would be a bit of a project.

File size for Bestiary is 1521 lines of code (lots of comments and spacing, so call it ~1200 abilities. ~ 1200 for Bestiary 2, and ~1300 for Bestiary 3. That's roughly 3,500 new lines to add to the migration file for just the bestiaries, we're not even talking about the small mini bestiaries for the campaign and companion supplements, which is why I stuck with PC related. If the error is causing issues, then I'll do it, but it's not a short and fast project.


Andrew Maitland
August 26, 2014, 10:03 PM


I'm actually baffled now. PCG files do not store automatically granted abilities (racial, class or otherwise).

I'm looking at the files. Everything on there is USER selections from pools (Which is why name changing the abilities wasn't a big deal... the migration file was introduced to handle user selections to avoid them having to reselect them, since those are stored - Equipment and Abilities which are stored in the pcg).

Now, following this logic, both pcgs are monsters by definition, but no where is the automatic granted abilities listed. Right so far?

If yes, how is the program throwing any error if the race/class is assigned the items upon loading and not storing it? (Also, I will point out that the error being thrown is NOT the correct error type for a missing ability or piece of equipment. Those are warnings first and foremost, not errors, and NEVER prevent a character from loading. You get a gentle pop up and the option to proceed or cancel.)

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: String in decodeChoice must be an Ability, but it was not found

There is no choice in race granted abilities, can't exist, otherwise we'd be getting errors on load. I fear that is something a bit more troubling than a migration issue.


James Dempsey
August 27, 2014, 4:31 AM

The ability issues now give warnings, rather than stop the load, and the issues can be fixed through the UI.

Try loading the characters to see the issue and decide if it is worth the slew of migration entries. The abilities themselves are automatically migrated but the ability focus feats still name the old abilities. I'm not actually sure if the migrations change the associations.

Andrew Maitland
August 27, 2014, 10:48 AM

, I rather doubt the CHOOSER selections will work with migration. I could give it a try, but that is something I seriously doubt. Also, I can attest the Ability Focus association is complicated and will not be viable for migration. I cannot point to the correct association in those cases.

Ability Focus was pointing the chooser at category SPECIAL ABILITY and any Base creature abilities that had a SpecialAttack.
Ability Focus now points the chooser to category ABILITY FOCUS abilities that use their own naming.

Migration file doesn't consider CATEGORY changes, and we'd really fubar the system if I told it Cat SA Water Blast ~ Marid > Cat AF Water Blast.

This was part of the ability focus rebuild to make it work correctly. Ability Focus only allows selections that qualify explicitly. Much cleaner appearance.




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