PRECLASS:1,SPELLCASTER calculated incorrectly


According to the documentation, PRECLASS:SPELLCASTER=x Checks whether a character has x levels in a spellcasting class
However, what it actually does is determine the caster level of the class.

This is incorrect.
PRECLASS should count classlevels, not casterlevels.
If we need to count casterlevels, that should be done using a (currently not existing) PRECASTERLEVEL tag

Reason for request:
I have a character (hexblade) that uses the Improved Familiar feat. Access to improved familiars is restricted by PRECASSLEVEL:1,SPELLCASTER.Arcane=x and the hexblade only has a half-casterlevel (compare: ranger) he does not qualify for familiars he should qualify for.

Homebrew test using these feats:
Spellcaster 1 CATEGORY:FEAT TYPE:General DESC:spellcaster level 1 PRECLASS:1,SPELLCASTER=1
Spellcaster 2 CATEGORY:FEAT TYPE:General DESC:spellcaster level 2 PRECLASS:1,SPELLCASTER=2
Spellcaster 3 CATEGORY:FEAT TYPE:General DESC:spellcaster level 3 PRECLASS:1,SPELLCASTER=3
Spellcaster 4 CATEGORY:FEAT TYPE:General DESC:spellcaster level 4 PRECLASS:1,SPELLCASTER=4

Shows that a ranger does not meet any of these requirements at level 3 (this is correct)
A ranger should meet all requirements at level 4. However, he only meets the requirements for Spellcaster 1 and Spellcaster 2

Details on why I think improved familiar access should be based on classlevel:

The prerequisites for improved familiars state 'Arcane spellcaster lvl x'.

From the 3.5 main FAQ:
Does a 1st-level wizard/4th-level rogue with Practiced Spellcaster qualify for a prestige class that requires “Spellcaster level 5th”?
No. This prestige class requirement doesn’t refer to your caster level (a value which can be modified by many feats, class features, and even temporary effects) but to your actual level in a spellcasting class. (If it helps, you can think of this requirement as “Spellcaster, 5th level.”) The same applies for characters whose caster level is less than their class level. A 5th-level paladin meets the “Spellcaster level 5th) requirement, even though her actual caster level is only 2nd.


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