insort Race by Name column does not put names in alphabetic order


On the Race tab page, the races sort by some odd rule.

Clicking on the Stat, Size, Move, Source column produces a list in strict alphabetic order or that column.
Clicking on the Name column (or alternate clicks for reverse order) produces the oddest conglomeration.
WHile a default "unsorted " order might benefit from having the 7 core races at the top of the list, and someone might even argue for retaining that, the rest of the list order is just odd.
They might be sorted by an invisible <Type><Race> code, but it's not consistently coded that way.
The overall effect when scrolling through a long list is plain confusion...

A Golden Rule for GUIs is to be "Graphical" - visible actions on visible data.
If there's a <Type><Race> form, make it a column option. (I know there is, in the form of the Tree View - but that's not the same as a list).
Sort each column by strict order of the text below the heading clicked.

(And as a Data argument - clear up the inconsistent coding which makes to sort order worse)


any - I use Pathfinder Core Books ruleset


Saxum Caribetum
August 13, 2016, 8:15 PM

let me clarify:
in the specific case of Familiars: there are 2 disparate sections of Familiars, with no obvious reason to separate the groups.
in the specific case of Companions, there are 2 separate groups of Companions, with no obvious reason to separate the groups.
No quible about separating Familiar form Companion.

Let me also stress that the biggest quibble is that when you click "sort by name" it doesn't.
All the rest of the issue's text is about specific examples of where it looks odder than odd. It's always odd.

Andrew Maitland
August 13, 2016, 4:03 PM

That is working as designed, familiars are not intended to be selected
as a race (Should be the same with Companions) as those are class
granted specific creatures, which is why Data intentionally overrides
the natural Alpha-Sort order to place them at the back of the list. Real
animals should be coded (See your other request) and available.
Companions are weaker and missing their standard counterpart racial

If you would like to discuss eccentric design decisions and how they
came about, I'm usually available on hipchat –


Saxum Caribetum
August 13, 2016, 2:30 PM

there is some hidden weird which exceeds even the <type><race> tree view, as, for example, Companion and Familiar animals each come in 2 large blocks, one early, one late.




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