Skills lost/rearranged during character generation result in allocation disparity


Order of events: leveled character to desired play level (11,) allocating skill points. Realized that a selection was missed. Applied (human) Heart of the Fields Racial Trait. This caused the Human Racial Trait (skilled) to be lost, resulting in a loss of one skill point per level.

Went to skill section to remove skills. Was able to remove skill points down to current total. However, instead of the result showing "0 remaining" for every level, it shows "0 remaining" for levels 1-5, negative 1 (-1) skill remaining for levels 6-10, and 5 skills remaining for level 11. This appears to be an issue with how de-leveling or refunding points is handled.

What happened was that I went from 6 skills per level to 5 skills per level retroactively. Expected behavior: skills would be refunded in level order. IE, every level would then show -1 skill remaining, and as I reduced skill levels the "remaining" skills would go from -1 to 0 one at a time until the correct number of skills were refunded.

Actual Behavior: strangely, the expected behavior occurred for the first five levels, then skipped the next five completely, refunding all remaining skill points to the most recent level taken.

Note that once the character editor reached a neutral TOTAL # of skills (Ie, skills remaining column total = 0, regardless of the individual values of each line for each level), all skill editing is locked. I cannot remove skill points from another skill, for instance, if I wanted to change my mind about how those skill points were applied.

The locked skill selections may be a program feature. If so, there needs to be a way to easily revert said skill selections; there is such a thing as retraining, and also makes a significant QOL improvement for someone building a leveled character from scratch to avoid becoming stuck by mistakes made due to unfamiliarity with program quirks.

Note that on leveling up (after this bug,) the disparity in how skills gained/remaining is displayed remains, but skills can be added removed from NEW skill selections as normal. Old skill selections are still locked.


Win 7


Andrew Maitland
December 23, 2016, 2:35 AM

Three things:

1) Down Leveling is not well supported
2) This is a code issue, not a data issue.
3) Existing code won't attempt to fix this. This may be fixed as a result of the mass conversion.









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