Text, display and export of Custom Staff is very poor


Using the Pathfinder Core Supplements multi-set, I created a custom magical Staff.

Start with "Staff", set weight to 5
Add primary Power: Wiz 4, Wall of Fire, 2 charges
secondary power: Wiz 4, Wall of Ice, 2 charges
lesser powers: Wiz 3 Wind Wall CL, 2 charges
Wiz 2 Web, 1 charge
Wiz 1 Shield, 2 charges

I notice that the name of the custom staff is horrible, being

Staff (Wind Wall/Wizard/5th, Web/Wizard/3rd, Shield/Wizard/1st/Wall of Fire/Wizard/7th/Wall of Ice/Wizard/7th)(2)(Staff (Wind Wall/Wizard/5th, Web/Wizard/3rd, Shield/Wizard/1st/Wall of Fire/Wizard/7th/Wall of Ice/Wizard/7th)(2))

  • lists everything twice

  • lists lesser powers first, in order added, then secondary, then primary

  • lists the base caster level of the spells, not the minimum (8), nor the highest level (if one is higher) /rule is, all staff powers must have same caster level/

  • puts (2) after the list of powers, rather than listing the true charge costs (which differ across the powers)

  • the Export to PDF shows 2 boxes for the staff, not 10, suggesting that

    • it's using the cost of the primary power for all

    • it's confusing the charge-cost-per-use (variously 1 or 2) with the charges-stored-in-staff (10)

  • the description in the character sheet (all forms) is just the terse (doubled) title, with nothing useful like power-cost in charges/use. Really could do with more text.

  • If I rename the staff to have a sane name, then

    • there's no description at all of its powers

    • the (2) is still added after the name, even if I edit it out. If i create a new staff with a different cost for the primary power, the number c


    • hanges, and the charge boxes matches.

  • the custom equipment dialog is "functional" in that if you add the 3 types of power in the right order, it sets the cost correctly, but it's very hard to use, and you have to know both the PF rules intimately, and have explored how PCGen works the Staff. You need to know how to pick the Primary, Secondary, Lesser powers, and the limits (1,1,many)

  • the only way I can find to review what's actually in the Staff is to re-run the Add Custom Equipment, starting with that Staff, and use the Remove Modifier option (but not actually remove anything). The Remove dialog lists the multiple Lesser Powers in detail. I can't find anywhere else that actually lists the details of the powers.

Sample staff (on blank character) is attached.


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