35e Inventory items does not grant benefits when placed inside a container in the inventory.


Hello, sorry if this is the wrong section but I realy having problems to locate the source of the "bug".

I use PCGen 35e with BahamutDragon sources. But I suspect it will be the same with other sources too.
In an 35e supplement book there is the concept of weapon and armor crystals that can be attached to the armor and grand various bonuses.
For example there is a crystal that grants DR5/- if attached to an armor.

The sources I use take that into account and you can attach exactly one crystal to an armor or weapon.
The thing is if you place the crystal inside the armor the benefits of the crystal is not shown on the character sheet. I filed an bug request to the autor of the source (https://github.com/BahamutDragon/pcgen/issues/953) but the bug was consideted to be as "PCGen Intervention Required" thats why I filte this bug here know.

I suspect that PCGen does not look inside the container to get the bonuses granted for items that rest inside a container. There is a workaround for the crystal to not attach it to the armor/weapon but to just equipt it. However this way you can equipt multible crystals an get all the benefits at once.
So there must be a way to specify when the effects of the crystal will active like only when placed in an special container and that it does not activate if equiped or placed in some generic container like a bag.

Can someone please verify with a better understandig of the insides od PCGen, if this is a shortcoming of the current implementation in PCGen or if the problem is located inside the sources and has to be addressed there?


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Andrew Maitland
December 31, 2019, 10:21 AM

Known issue. Items inside containers do not confer their bonuses.

It was being worked out, but as we have only one person patching code issues to support PF 2e, I rather doubt any new work will come from this request. (Since we have a lack of Java developers working on the project, we’re pretty much archiving the project). 6.08.00 will be the last production release from the team and whatever version from master 6.09.xx that fully supports PF 2e’s implementation before I retire from the project.

Iaman Swtrse
December 31, 2019, 12:24 PM

Sorry english is not my primary language. So only to clarify
The bug is known but will not be fixed for 6.08 versions since there are is not enouth manpower to do so.
What I do not get are you saying that 6.09.xx will have the exact same bug because of manpower problems or did you mean that PF 2e support will not be complete or even chanceld in 6.09.xx versions?

Andrew Maitland
December 31, 2019, 11:00 PM


The project is being shelved/archived due to a lack of volunteers (man power).

I’m finishing up PF 2e as a commitment I made before. When I complete that work, I will upload the last releases for both 6.08.00 and whatever version is next in the 6.09.x line.

Not sure if you saw the announcement that went out on December 17th:

It is with sad news the core team members of the PCGen BoD are stepping down (or handing off the reins to any new blood that wish to take up the challenge).

As of the release of the Pathfinder 2 datasets for 6.08.00 RC7, Andrew Maitland, the Data Lead (the core driving and unifying member of the BoD) will be ceasing any ongoing upkeep and direct involvement with the project. We hope this is accomplished by the end of the year (2019)

Paul Grosse the PR director will hang around and provide advice to anyone attempting to keep the project alive, but will also be limiting his involvement.

The core reasons for the project going dormant are the same as have been stated multiple times in the last year. The core Code Team have had attrition due to RL and nobody willing (or able) to pick up the code and run with it, and without the old time members to explain the code things are continually breaking, gating the releases. And the expected new math library to replace the woefully outdated JEP has never been able to get fully implemented (see above).

The Data team is in better shape because the data is generally easier for new users to start with. But again Andrew was the driving force and repository of why things were done the way they were.

We have had a fine 20 year run from the heady days of Bryan releasing hourly, then daily code updates, to the original D&D 3e SRD being released, through the choppy waters of getting hammered by WotC's refusal to consider the non-SRD info being included (prompting the formation of the separate corporation, Code Monkey Publishing), through the explosion of third party materials causing PCGen's code base to grow by leaps and bounds, though the formation of the 4e and the simultaneous rise of Pathfinder, Starfinder, and now the release of Pathfinder 2e.

Our website will remain up until such as a time that the host decides to quit maintaining it. Our forums have transitioned from Yahoo Groups to groups.io which are free and will continue, our discord channel will continue as long as there are people talking there, our old & broken wiki will be availible, and there is also a sub-reddit

If anyone wishes to they can take a look at the code here.

Paul Grosse (PR Silverback)

Posting on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Bryan McRoberts (Benevolent Dictator)

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