35e Inventory items does not grant benefits when placed inside a container in the inventory.


Hello, sorry if this is the wrong section but I realy having problems to locate the source of the "bug".

I use PCGen 35e with BahamutDragon sources. But I suspect it will be the same with other sources too.
In an 35e supplement book there is the concept of weapon and armor crystals that can be attached to the armor and grand various bonuses.
For example there is a crystal that grants DR5/- if attached to an armor.

The sources I use take that into account and you can attach exactly one crystal to an armor or weapon.
The thing is if you place the crystal inside the armor the benefits of the crystal is not shown on the character sheet. I filed an bug request to the autor of the source (https://github.com/BahamutDragon/pcgen/issues/953) but the bug was consideted to be as "PCGen Intervention Required" thats why I filte this bug here know.

I suspect that PCGen does not look inside the container to get the bonuses granted for items that rest inside a container. There is a workaround for the crystal to not attach it to the armor/weapon but to just equipt it. However this way you can equipt multible crystals an get all the benefits at once.
So there must be a way to specify when the effects of the crystal will active like only when placed in an special container and that it does not activate if equiped or placed in some generic container like a bag.

Can someone please verify with a better understandig of the insides od PCGen, if this is a shortcoming of the current implementation in PCGen or if the problem is located inside the sources and has to be addressed there?


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