Various small improvements for the eqmods


In \data\d20ogl\srd35\basics\rsrd_equipmods_enhancing.lst, there are various places where I believe the file could be improved.

Small judgement calls:

  • Electricity damage/electricity damage; Fire damage/fire damage; etc. (standardize capitalization of energy types? (Acid,Cold,Electricity,Fire,Sonic))

  • capitalize other damage types - Chaotic, Holy, Lawful, Unholy?

  • "vs." or "vs" (Usually the former, which is more correct, but the latter is in a few places and is more compact.)

  • As the control undead spell may control(up to 26HD of undead/day) (May control up to 26HD of undead/day as the Control Undead spell)

  • deals extra 1d6 damage (+1d6 subdual damage)(More like other damage bonuses.)

  • grants 1 extra attack when full attacking at highest bonus (grants 1 extra attack at highest bonus when full attacking)

  • deals extra 2d6 damage to target plus 1d6 damage to user (+2d6 damage to target plus 1d6 damage to user)(More like other damage bonuses.)

  • veers to target negating any miss chance (veers to target negating any miss chance,such as from concealment)(more accurate/less misleading?)

Bigger judgement call:

  • Standardize the capitalization - large or small - at the start of SPROP 'sentences'?

Easy missing material:

  • missing SPROP for Invulnerability - "Bestows damage reduction 5/Magic" or such?

  • Greater Power - Clairvoyance needs an innate spell line

  • Greater Power - Detect Scrying needs an innate spell line (1/day would be essentially "continuous" as its duration is normally 24 hours)




Andrew Maitland
August 22, 2013, 6:36 AM

We should use the source language and format. Exception: Our personal standards do include bringing attention to the items in question with Capitalization.

Energy Types is one of these.
Spell Names - Always Capitals except for the "of" or "from"
e.g. Protection from Evil, Omen of Doom.
Feats - Capitals for the name (use same format as spells)
e.g. Fleet of Foot, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
Item Names - Follows the Standards

SPROP - If following proper format, should start with a capitalized word.

Replace the missing items. Sounds easy enough.

Andrew Maitland
August 22, 2013, 6:38 AM

Just to add, I do like the clearer language, which the source is usually good at doing.

Chimp Approved.

Andrew Maitland
November 24, 2014, 2:59 AM

Completed: At revision: 25572



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