Errors in (and some improvement for) the file on the RSRD Epic dragons


There are a number of errors (and a few places for improvement) in the file on the RSRD Epic dragons:

1). Have special abilities come in at the correct age category, not all at the beginning.

Currently, all of the spell-like abilities and other special abilities ever gained by a force or prismatic dragon are being gained from wyrmling on (see the rsrd_races_dragons_epic.lst entries) rather than at their appropriate age levels.

2). Have the class skills that apply to the older, sample dragons also apply to the younger dragons.

There is an odd change where the younger races (wyrmling to young adult for force dragons, wyrmling to juvenile in prismatic dragons) have one set of class skills while the older dragons have a different, larger set of class skills. The younger dragons have the standard class skills for all dragons - Concentration, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Knowledge (any), Listen, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, and Use Magic Device – while the older dragons have additional Class Skills (mostly) derived from the two “sample” dragons. It would make sense to have all ages of a particular dragon type have the same Class Skills.

3). Correct which skills are actually class skills for each dragon type.

However, there is a seeming mistake in generating the list of class skills for each dragon type since the each have the same, combined list of class skills whether or not a particular sample dragon had it or not. Since the additional class skills vary among the true dragons, they should here, too. Force dragons should have the additional skills, compared to all dragons, of Appraise, Bluff, Craft (alchemy), Gather Information, Jump, and Spellcraft. Prismatic dragons should have the additional skills of Climb, Disable Device, Gather Information, Heal, Move Silently, Open Lock, Perform (any two), Spellcraft, Survival, and Tumble.

4). For the Sample Force Dragon, Adult, the feats should be “Empower Spell” and “Maximize Spell”, not “Empower Spell Like Ability” and “Maximize Spell Like Ability”.

5). Both types of dragons can have their “TEMPLATEragon” removed since that template is deprecated.

6). Both types of dragons could have their RACESUBTYPEs (Force and Light) added.

7). Despite the changes in (4), both types of Epic dragon should have a special version of both Empower Spell Like Ability and Maximize Spell Like Ability where “The dragon does not need to specify a spell-like ability when it chooses this feat; it can apply the feat to any spell-like ability it possesses.” I see these as Special Abilities, probably of the SpecialAttack type.




Matt Chambers
May 14, 2013, 11:24 PM

I could do these, if approved.

Matt Chambers
May 15, 2013, 7:31 PM

Completed: At revision: 20155

Added three new special abilities srd35\basics\rsrd_abilities_monsters.lst: two for the two feat-like special abilities and one for "invisibility", which existed in the race description already but referred to a dissimilar form of invisibility. I modeled it after the pixie's greater invisibility (a "SpecialAttack"), and made the other two SpecialAttacks as well, although they could also be SpecialQualities.

Empower Spell-Like Ability
KEY:Empower Spell-Like Ability ~ Epic Dragon
CATEGORY:Special Ability
DESC:An epic dragon ...

Maximize Spell-Like Ability
KEY:Maximize Spell-Like Ability ~ Epic Dragon
CATEGORY:Special Ability
DESC:The dragon can apply ...

~ Force Dragon
KEY:Greater Invisibility ~ Force Dragon
CATEGORY:Special Ability
VISIBLE:YES DESC:A great wyrm force dragon ...



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