Ability Focus Doesn't Work. (Re-Do)


I was making an aboleth the other day (see attached character) and found that the ability focus feat wasn't functioning for it. Checking the bestiary I data file, I found that the equation for the DC bonus from the Ability Focus feat in the Slime and Mucus Cloud abilities references the shown ability name, not the ability KEY (which usually has something like Ability Name ~ Monster Name, or Mucus Cloud ~ Aboleth, for example).

I did some other tests like the Despair for the mummy and found the same thing. It seems like many of the monster abilities in the Bestiary are the same. I've made a list of the abilities I could find in the b1_abilities_race file that have an Ability Focus implemented in them that seem not to reference the ability's KEY.

Aboleth: Mucus Cloud, Slime
Ankheg: Spit Acid
Giant Ant: Poison
Army Ant Swarm: Cling
Trumpet Archon: Trumpet
Assassin Vine: Entangle

Bralani: Whirlwind Blast
Ghale: Gaze

Basidiron: Hallucination Cloud, Spores
Basilisk: Gaze
Bebilith: Dismantle Armor, Rot
Black Pudding: Acid
Boggard: Terrifying Croak
Giant Centipede: Poison
Centipede Swarm: Poison
Chuul: Paralytic Tentacles
Cloaker: Moan
Cockatrice: Petrification
Couatl: Poison
Dark Creeper: Death Throes
Dark Stalker: Death Throes

Balor: Death Throes
Hezrou: Nausea
Marilith: Crushing Coils
Nabasu: Death-Stealing Gaze
Nalfeshnee: Unholy Nimbus
Quasit: Poison
Succubus: Energy Drain
Vrock: Dance of Ruin, Stunning Screech

Barbed Devil: Fear
Bearded Devil: Beard
Bone Devil: Poison
Erinyes: Entangle
Horned Devil: Stun
Ice Devil: Slow
Imp: Poison
Pit Fiend: Disease, Poison

Devourer: Devour Soul

Ankylosaurus: Stun

Bronze Dragon: Repulsion Breath
Copper Dragon: Mass Laughter

Dragon Turtle: Breath Weapon
Drider: Poison
Electric Eel: Electricity
Water Elemental: Vortex
Ettercap: Poison
Frog: Poison
Gelatinous Cube: Engulf, Paralysis

Efreeti: Change Size
Marid: Water’s Fury
Shaitan: Stone Curse

Ghoul: Disease, Paralysis
Gibbering Mother: Gibbering, Spittle
Goblin Dog: Alleric Reaction

Ice Golem: Icy Destruction
Iron Golem: Breath Weapon
Stone Golem: Slow
Wood Golem: Splintering

Gorgon: Breath Weapon
Gray Ooze: Acid, Paralytic Toxin
Green Hag: Weakness,
Harpy: Captivating Song
Hell Hound: Breath Weapon
Homunculus: Poison
Kraken: Ink Cloud
Kyton: Dancing Chains, Unnerving Gaze
Leech Swarm: Poison

Crag Linnorm: Breath Weapon, Death Curse, Poison
Ice Linnorm: Breath Weapon, Death Curse, Poison
Tarn Linnorm: Breath Weapon, Death Curse, Poison

Monitor Lizard: Poison
Giant Frilled Lizard: Intimidating Charge

Medusa: Petrifying Gaze, Poison

Air, Dust, Earth, Fire, Ice, Magma, Ooze, Salt, Steam, Water: Breath Weapon (each has their own individual breath weapon)

Mohrg: Paralysis
Mummy: Despair, Mummy Rot
Neothelid: Breath Weapon, Mind Thrust, Psychic Crush
Nightmare: Smoke
Nymph: Stunning Glance
Phase Spider: Poison
Pseudodragon: Poison
Purple Worm: Poison
Rakshasa: Detect Thoughts
Remorhaz: Heat
Retriever: Eye Rays
Roper: Strands
Rust Monster: Rust
Satyr: Pipes
Scorpion: Poison
Sea Hag: Evil Eye
Shocker Lizard: Shock
Shoggoth: Maddening Cacophony
Venomous Snake: Poison
Spectre: Unnatural Aura

Giant Spider: Poison
Spider Swarm: Poison

Vargouille: Kiss, Poison, Shriek
Violet Fungus: Rot

Giant Wasp: Poison
Wasp Swarm: Poison

Wraith: Constitution Drain
Wyvern: Poison
Xill: Paralysis
Yellow Musk Creeper: Pollen Spray
Yeth Hound: Bay, Sinister Bite

Lich: Fear Aura, Paralyzing Touch




Andrew Maitland
May 6, 2014, 5:41 PM

First sweep was to find all instances of existing BONUS:VAR|xxx|2|PREFEAT:1,Ability Focus (blah), then add "ABILITY:Ability Focus|AUTOMATIC|<Blah>"

Anything that is missing, list it here.

Chris Peterson
May 9, 2014, 5:08 PM

The following creatures do not have Ability Focus feat selections for their listed special attack:
Astral deva stun
bone devil- fear aura
marid- vortex
mimic- adhesive
sea hag- horrific appearance
vampire spawn- dominate
yeti- Frightful Gaze

The Ability Focus feat exists but doesn't seem to be modifying the DCs for the following monsters and powers
Genie (shaitan and noble)-stone curse
tarn linnorm- death curse
medusa- In the stat line it changes the save DC for the poison but not the detailed write up in the special ability description.
venomous snake- poison

Andrew Maitland
May 10, 2014, 7:16 PM

All fixed.

Chris Peterson
May 13, 2014, 11:47 AM

Okay, looks like we've just about got everything, except for the tarn linnorm death curse (Ability Focus not modifying DC) and the vampire spawn's dominate and the mummy's mummy rot (which don't list DCs at all).

It also seems like the calculation of DCS for the special attacks of the vampire (energy drain, domination) and the ghost (corrupting touch, frightful moan, malevolence, telekinesis) templates were never implemented (and hence nothing for the Ability Focus). Since this would verge on an implementation request, would this get its own issue?

Andrew Maitland
May 13, 2014, 11:56 AM

Yes, please open a new tracker.


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