Magus 'Fighter Training' conflicting, and causing Fighter Feat miscount.


Weapon focus does not update for being a Kensai. It continues to use the regular magus weapon focus which gives fewer fighter levels. Knowledge pool is removed (as appropriate).
In this example the character does not qualify for pin down, even though he should have 13 equivelant fighter levels (8 from level 11 Kensai and 5 from fighter).
Also it appears to be counting the levels that it does count to give bonus fighter feats (the character should have 3 fighter feats at fighter level 5 – but he has 6, which is what he would have at fighter level 10).


Windows 8


Andrew Maitland
July 7, 2014, 9:10 PM

Nevermind, any from Advanced Race Guide was mis-coded, those will all be resolved.

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Andrew Maitland


Shawn White