Pathfinder Summoner's "Aspect" is muddled


Pathfinder Summoners gain as ability at L1 called "Aspect" they can divert up to 2 pts from Eidolon's Evolution Pool to the summoner.

There appear to be 2 ways to do this
1) Summoner
Feats & Abilities > Class Abilities > Summoner Aspect.
choose e.g. "Aspect ~ 2 points" and Add Selected.
Save both files. Close Eidolon and re-open (a pain, but it works).

a) reduces the Eidolon's Evolution Pool by 2
b) feeds 2 pts into the Summoner's "Eidolon Evolution" pool, so they can buy 2 evolutions.

2) in the Eidolon
Feats & Abilities > Class Abilities > Eidolon Evolution
choose "Aspect ~ Eidolon"
This consumes 2 Evolution pts, but does not alter the Summoner who still lacks the points to pay for Evolutions.

If I now add "Summoner Aspect" to the Summoner, it still reduces the Evolution pool by 2 and now states that the Eidolon is overspent by 2.

Can I suggest that either PCGen does one, the other, or a properly combined version:
a) removes the Eidolon Evolution "Aspect ~ Eidolon" and leaves the pairing as "Summoner Aspect" the only mechanism, which reduces the Evolution Pool by 2 pts.
b) remove "Summoner Aspect" and leave "Aspect ~ Eidolon" as the only mechanism, consuming 2 Evolution Pool pts and granting them to the Summoner
c) fix Aspect ~ Eidolon so it complements Summoner Aspect, AND Summoner Aspect to complement Aspect ~ Eidolon.
c.1) adding/changing the Eidolon's Aspect ~ Evolution would consume 0,1,2 pool pts and adjust the Summoner's pool; the pool remains fixed size.
c.2) adding/changing Summoner's Summoner Aspect would adjust the Summoner's pool to 0,1,2 pts and adjust the matching Eidolon's Aspect ~ Evolution to 0,1,2 pts.

The current state just leads to mistakes and confusion.




Andrew Maitland
September 3, 2014, 8:13 PM

Option A. Completed: At revision: 25044

Other items are features.

Andrew Maitland
September 3, 2014, 7:46 PM

No promises. I need to see how this is set up first...

Saxum Caribetum
August 27, 2014, 2:46 PM

I would be nice if altering the Aspect could work without having to save and reload files!!!



Andrew Maitland


Saxum Caribetum

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