Feat compatibility update for ACG


So ACG has brought a ton of classes and archetypes that can qualify for feats that were exclusive to other classes before.

For example, the Shaman gets Hexes like the Witch, the Mutagenic Mauler gets Discoveries like the Alchemist, the Exemplar gains Bardic Performance like the Bard.

However, older feats are not ready for this. Extra Hex only works for the Witch, Lingering Performance only works for the Bard, Practiced Tactician only works for the Cavalier, Adder Strike only works for Alchemists and Rogues (even if Investigators gain Poison Use too).

I think it's time to make a pass on old feats that require a specific ability and change them to require a TYPE of ability. This would require hunting down every feat that requires an ability, tracking all classes and archetypes that grant that ability, and modify the requirement for the feat as well as the typing of the ability.

Also, it should be ensured that anyone taking the feat benefits from it... for example, Extra Discovery grants BONUS:ABILITYPOOL|Alchemist Discovery|1 - if a Mutation Warrior or Mutagenic Mauler took the feat, they should get an extra discovery that corresponds to their ability pool too.

All in all, I think this change would be good for future compatibility.

Tell me what you think.




Andrew Maitland
October 13, 2014, 4:00 PM

For the Core Rulebooks, open a JIRA and assign to me. I evaluate how bad
it could be and determine whether or not it requires a Chimp or if it is
safe to allow.

Core Rule books are generally off-limits except to Data Chimps.

Andrew Maitland
November 21, 2014, 5:40 PM

Do you have a list of items that need this effort?

Andrew Maitland
January 1, 2015, 10:27 AM

A list or update would be helpful to get this worked on.

Are you still working on this book?

Andrew Maitland
January 22, 2015, 1:16 AM

No further input from the OP. Closing this out.

Andrew Maitland
January 22, 2015, 11:01 AM

Update from A N:

1. Poison Use: a couple of feats require knowing whether the user has this feature, which can be obtained by many classes but right now something like Adder Strike asks for the rogue or alchemist feature instead of looking for a TYPE. An homogenous TYPE should be implemented so it encompasses Investigators, Slayers, what not.

2. Evasion/Imp. Evasion: Many feats and rogue talents ask for these but they have no overarching TYPE across the classes/archetypes that gain them.

3. All companion and mount features: DITTO. Lots of animal companion feats that have no way to check for an animal companion.

4. Bardic Performance: DITTO. I'd recommending making something like Extra Bardic Performance have extra checkboxes INSIDE the feat rather than grant the extra turns to the main feature, for compatibility. While you are at it, I don't think the Sensei's Advice feature is very well displayed.

5. Discoveries: Homogenous discovery pool should be applied so that Alchemists, Mutant Maulers, Mutation Warriors and Underground Chemists can take the extra discovery feat.

6. Major/Minor Magic Rogue talents, can be picked by Investigators, some feats apply to them, might want to give them a TYPE.







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