[Pathfinder] Advanced Race Guide missing racial subtypes


All "racial subtypes" spread throughout the book are missing from the set. I discovered this when coding PFS sets since PFS rules say that arctic elf and dusk elf are not legal for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Since none of the subtypes appear to be coded in PCGen this doesn't pose a problem for players inadvertently selecting these subtypes, the other subtypes should be available for those players that want them. It appears at first glance that these racial subtypes are really just a pre-selection of racial traits, much the same as "combat training" is a pre-selection of animal tricks.




Andrew Maitland
January 27, 2015, 2:58 AM

Preselections? I'm not exactly sure how coding those up will add any real value if it's just choosing existing racial traits. Be a pain to deal with considering the existing swap system in place. Not what I'm going to consider a bug. This is a re-write request on the face of it.

Is there supposed to be a spot where it indicates they are now an "Arctic Elf" or a "Dusk Elf"?

Mark Means
January 27, 2015, 3:07 AM

All I looked at was the elf ones. It could be different for the other races. And the preselection may or may not be the same number or types of racial traits or otherwise fit what types are normally replaced when a user select alternate racial traits the normal way. The value is both the fact that Paizo published it, so users will want to use it; and Paizo refers to it in the PFS documents, so it surely will be referred to in other future sources.

Andrew Maitland
July 14, 2015, 11:54 PM

In the six months since this tracker was opened there has been exactly ZERO requests for this from other users (Zero Votes, no mentions on any channels). Weighing the time I have available, and the fact that race traits swap system exists, this is not going to be on my radar. If someone else wishes to pursue it, great. But there are too many other projects being requested to give this request much weight. I currently have four different publishers asking for books to be included in pcgen, and an almost non-existent pool of volunteers grabbing these bugs/requests.

Just to give an idea here. This request to me is cracking open our working system, and inserting another system on top of that. One that would disable the first system and then pre-assign racial traits. That is a lot of man hours for a low request functionality improvement. I will offer guidance, but that is about it.

Andrew Maitland
May 28, 2016, 8:42 AM

Almost a year since my last comment. I reviewed the racial subtypes. The wording for most of them is "may" and "usually have", it's not even a set trait exchange, it's still a build your own selections however you want. All the racial subtypes are window dressing. I see no merit to redesigning an entire system for the sake of adding code. 3.5 had actual race subtypes, 5e has actual subtypes. Quasi Preselected racial alternative traits are not what I would call a subtype.

If the desire is really to add subtypes, then I'll add straight sub types that only appear on the sheet, but frankly I think this is a waste of time. So instead of Dwarf, you'll see Dwarf (Mountain Dwarf). I'll even put in the text for the player, but I'm not going to alter the existing exchange code.

Here is the Dwarf selections to begin with:
Deep Delver: Dwarves living far below the earth have the minesight and deep warrior racial traits. Deep delver spellcasters may exchange stonecunning for the stonesinger trait.
Elder Dwarf: Traditionalist dwarves of ancient lineage have the ancient enmity, lorekeeper, and either the magic resistant or stubborn racial traits.
Exiled Dwarf: Dwarves who have lost their homelands usually have the relentless and stubborn racial traits, and often have wyrmscourged as well.
Mountain Dwarf: Dwarves living atop high peaks have the mountaineer racial trait and often *surface survivalist as well. Mountain dwarves are also trained to defend their homes, and *may take the sky sentinel *and *xenophobic traits instead.


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