[Pathfinder] BotD Vol 1: Princes of Darkness- Implement Warmonger Devil special abilities


(Book of the Damned Vol 1: Princes of Darkness p.60)
Several abilities have yet to be implemented in PCGen for the Devil, Warmonger (Levaloch). Would it be possible to get the following abilities implemented?

Construct Form: This ability gives the following immunities: Ability Drain, Ability Damage,Death Effects, Death from Massive Damage, Disease, Energy Drain, Exhaustion, Fatigue, Necromancy Effects, Nonlethal Damage, Paralysis, Sleep, Stunning. Could these Immunities be added in as the "Immunity to..." abilities that PCGen uses?

Skills: The +2 racial bonus to Perception and Stealth (and the +8 total racial bonus when concealed in metal objects or debris) have yet to be implemented in PCGen.

Trample: PCgen is not allowing me to alter the damage or save DC. Could this be entered in like Trample in other monsters in PCGen?




Andrew Maitland


Chris Peterson

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