UE Darkleaf Cloth special material doesn't work


Starting with Hide Armour: cost 15gp, 25lbs, Dex 4, AC check -3 Arcane fail 20%

In the Customizing Item dialog, there are 3 entries for Darkleaf Cloth, 2 black, one red (for light armour)
the Darkleaf Cloth from the ARG (nearly) works:
Darkleaf Cloth Hide: cost 1530 gp, 12.5lbs, Dex 6, AC check 0 Arcane fail 10%
(cost should be +1500, or 1515, not 1530) [maybe problem is that cost is "BASECOST+1500" instead of "1500" ?)

UE Darkleaf cloth is broken - stats are:
Cost 1515, 25 lbs, Dex 4, AC check -3, Arcane fail 20%
no change apart from cost (and hardness/HP)


Pathfinder core book set


Andrew Maitland
August 28, 2015, 6:35 PM

Darkleaf will only display as one, and used the ARG version, removed the BASECOST.

Andrew Maitland
August 23, 2015, 12:40 AM

Interesting. Though I dislike having to track down the individual entries...

ARG and UE may have different numbers cause of the books.



Andrew Maitland


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