[Pathfinder] Kobold Tail Attachments - Long Lash missing reach


I think it would make things tidier if Tail Attachments were equipped to the Tail Slap slot and then augment or replace the Tail Slap table on the character sheet.

I also noticed that Reach on the Long Lash is not represented or indicated in its table on the character sheet.




Andrew Maitland
September 22, 2015, 5:28 AM

Reach rectified for Long Lash.

Now, here is a slight issue. Tail Slap is one of those "only exists" when a natural attack of that name exists on the character. There isn't technically a "slot" for tail slap for the tail attachment.

If you want the tail slap to be removed, that can be done. I can do all sorts of fun things when equipping the item, however, I think the correct course of action is to leave it as-is. You can have multiple attachments, or get deprived of your attachments during the course of the game. Listing out the various weapons/attacks is best I think so you have the stats for all the items.

Andrew Maitland
September 22, 2015, 5:39 AM

PR: https://github.com/PCGen/pcgen/pull/629

Technically, this is fixed per the whole "Long Lash" issue.

I don't plan on adjusting the reach of the tail slap, since that remains unchanged, only the attachment is granting the reach.
I really don't think we should remove natural attacks based upon equipment. (One users request is another's bug!)
I think we're asking for trouble if I adjust the Tail Slap stats based upon worn attachment. (Equip two, and expect inaccurate results).

This is akin to wearing gauntlets. Your hands don't change, but your outcome does. Gauntlets get their own weapon block entry when worn.


Christopher T. Otremba
September 22, 2015, 5:53 AM

I see your point. It just bugged me that I could only equip it to my hands or put into the carried section.

Andrew Maitland
September 22, 2015, 6:10 AM

I can see about adding an actual tail slot, but the weapon code will probably ignore it. I would have to confer with a Code Monkey see if there was an easy method. If you're running out of hand slots, I can toss an extra on the kobold if using the tail attachment.

I'm migrating this to a proper bug report to close it out.

Andrew Maitland
September 22, 2015, 6:11 AM

Back to reporter to confirm issue resolved. (6.05.05 or the next autobuild)


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