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> When building an Arcanist / School Savant archetype, it is not asking for the specialist school as the Wizard does when the fist level of Wizard is chosen.
> Is this intentional, or am I missing something?

ACG p.78 School Savant (Archetype)

"School Focus(Su): At 1st level, a school savant chooses a school of magic. The arcanist gains the abilities granted by that school, as the arcane school class feature of the wizard, treating her arcanist level as her wizard level for these abilities.. She can also further specialise by selecting one of the subschools found in the APG. In addition the arcanist can prepare one additional spell per day of each level she can cast, but this spell must be chosen from the selected school."

Goes on the explain choosing 2 opposition schools, needing 2 prepared spell slots, etc.

So looks like an omission in the PCGEN coding of the archetype.

On 11/22/2015 02:33 PM, Andrew [pcgen] wrote:
> Hi Don,
> If you want it to be fixed in a timely manner, it is always recommended to open a JIRA Issue Ticket - - if in doubt make it a DATA BUG. Since Data involves the sets themselves.
> Now, the reason that is not coded up, as Neil pointed out, is the WIZARD mechanic cannot be used for Arcanist, at least not in the sense of an Ability object determining things. That is actually a "Lot" of work to implement it in any reasonable fashion. Get the details that Neil posted included in the tracker today, and I'll check it today. Otherwise, I'm busy implementing the Fractional System from Pathfinder Unchained support in the entire pathfinder system books. (So far, 3+ hours of work!)
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Nicola Tuveri
September 18, 2016, 7:06 PM

Hi! I'm having a related problem: I got from the previous comment that I should get one extra slot though I should be the one in charge of remembering to use it for the specific School as the code cannot handle this automatically for now.

Anyway I'm not automatically granted that extra slot, and cannot find a way to see it. I tried to look at the pull request, and I couldn't find any change related to spell slots (but I admit I'm not familiar with PCGen data files and could have easily missed it.).

Am I missing something? (I'm using HEAD version from github)

Andrew Maitland
September 18, 2016, 11:06 PM


Nicola Tuveri
September 24, 2016, 8:10 PM


thanks for your answer: I see this was present in commit d0f6f44f20b66e9eafc198f17951a8fbcf5d3233 "DATA-2629 ACG - Arcanist / School Savant archetype", but has disappeared in current HEAD version of data/pathfinder/paizo/roleplaying_game/advanced_class_guide/acg_abilities_class.lst (and it doesn't seem this has been moved somewhere else).

Am I right? How could I fix this?

Nicola Tuveri
September 24, 2016, 8:44 PM

On further examination of current code, it seems like that line was removed and incorporated in the lines describing the single Specialization (Sub)Schools. The only thing is that they use BONUS:SPELLKNOWN instead of BONUS:SPELLCAST. reports:
"In addition, the arcanist can prepare one additional spell per day of each level she can cast, but this spell must be chosen from the selected school."

So maybe there is an error in using the wrong variable?

P.S. Shouldn't this also add a Level 0 slot? It seems both the old and the new code is adding only starting from lvl 1.

Nicola Tuveri
October 16, 2016, 9:48 AM

Just opened a pull request to revert the switch from BONUS:SPELLCAST to BONUS:SPELLKNOWN



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