some Kits from Ultimate Equipment are missing


Ultimate Equipment adds some (class suggested) Kits, and includes other from scattered sources. See UE p56-p79
The PCGen implementation lacks several:

  • barbarian's

  • bard's

  • campsite

  • cavalier's

  • chronicler's

  • cleric's

  • dragonslayer's

  • dungeoneering, common

  • dungeoneering, deluxe

  • fighter's kit

  • gunslinger's

  • inquisitor's

  • magus's

  • monk's

  • oracle's

  • paladin's

  • pathfinder's

  • ranger's

  • rogue's

  • sorcerer's

  • spelunking

  • summoner's

  • troll slayer's

  • undead slayer's

  • witch's

  • wizard's


Pathfinder Core rulebook multi-set


Saxum Caribetum
December 12, 2015, 1:58 AM

specific lists:
In PCGen Add Kit, but not a "<role>'s Kit" thing:

  • Campsite Kit

  • Dungeoneering Kit (common)

  • Dungeoneering Kit (deluxe)

  • Riding Kit (common)

  • Riding Kit (exotic)

In UE under "Adventuring gear" but not in PCGen Add Kit (I've included non "<role>'s kit" things, as PCGen includes some already)

  • Chirurgeon's Kit

  • Cooking Kit

  • Entertainer's Kit

  • Fishing Kit

  • Gambler's Kit, common

  • Gambler's Kit, cheating

  • Gear maintenance Kit

  • Grooming Kit

  • Gunsmith's Kit

  • Mess Kit

  • Pyrography Kit

  • Scrivener's Kit

  • Shaving Kit

  • Summoner's Kit

  • Survival Kit, common

  • Survival Kit, masterwork

^^ note Summoner class kit is missing

Renamed between UE and PCGen Add Kit:

  • Spelunking Kit -> Spelunker's Kit

In Inventory, we have some "<role>'s kit" items - I realise most of these aren't broken down, but we're looking for consistency somewhere:

  • Alchemist's Kit

  • Chirurgeon's Kit

  • Climber's Kit

  • Courtesan's Kit

  • Entertainer's Kit

  • Forger's Kit

  • Gambler's Kit (cheating)

  • Gambler's Kit (common)

  • Gunsmith's Kit

  • Healer's Kit

  • Juggler's Kit

  • Map Maker's Kit

  • Midwife's Kit

  • Scrivener's Kit

  • Vampire Slayer's Kit

there's a bunch of "Kit ~ class_or_archetype" in Inventory, which redirect to Edit > Add Kit.
The list includes "Kit ~ summoner's" which isn't in Add Kit.
The list doesn't include all the Class kits (e.g. "Kit ~ druid's" is missing. "Kit ~ alchemist's" is missing but is a problem child anyway as there are 2 different "Alchemist's kit" in Paizo's books.)

Saxum Caribetum
December 12, 2015, 2:04 AM

my vote, if it counts, is to place all the "<race> Default" and anything else which modifies the class or race under "Create Monster"

to place all the packages of things you buy-at-a-discount, or just buy (and which don't alter class/race), under Inventory.

I personally am happy to equip bits of kits by hand, but if people want a "buy and equip bundle", then I suppose Inventory needs a Buy & Equip Kit... I am undecided as to whether I'd expect a button on the general list, or a separate tab listing bundles you can buy-and-equip.

I would reserve the top level Edit menu for things that other programs put there, typically, Copy, Cut. Paste, Preferences,... or similar things. (PCGen doesn't have most of the typical Edit Menu things, which is an argument for not having the menu.)

Saxum Caribetum
December 12, 2015, 2:05 AM

finally - just a big THANK YOU for all your efforts, and patience listening to me.

Andrew Maitland
December 12, 2015, 3:45 AM

Okay, I'll add the kits to inventory.

Saxum Caribetum
December 14, 2015, 9:36 AM

Thanks - wonderful!



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