Temp. Bonus from spell (e.g. False Life) does not include rolled component


create a character.
add a Temp. Bonus which includes a die roll: e.g False Life (1D10+lvl temp HP)
compare HP before & after.

At lvl 9, PCGen add +9 HP, ignoring the 1D10.
The effect is even more pronounced at caster level 1!

(I would be happy with the same rule as is common in HP: apply the average.)




Andrew Maitland
February 24, 2016, 2:44 AM

The pop up title says it all, "Chose spell caster level (maximum 10 + 1d10"

If the desire is to re-word it, I can, but you can also see in the Desc box "Grants temporary hit points equal to 1d10 +1 per caster level (maximum +10)"

Temp Bonuses as a rule only give you a SINGLE box, there is no rolled component, since we expect you to "roll" the result at the table.

Anyways, this appears to be user misunderstanding rather than pcgen bug. Going to cancel this issue. If you want re-worded tempvalue pop up dialog boxes, open a feature request please.


Won't Fix
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