PCGen Restricts Cleric/Fiendish Vessel from being Lawful


(Don't judge the character, it's for a silly JRPG trope-ified campaign, heh.) I seem to have broken PCGen with what I want to do, though, oddly enough: Lawful Evil Tiefling vampire cleric with the racial archetype of Fiendish Vessel.

Now, the issue comes on a few fronts - when I choose lawful evil, PCGen no longer lets me be a cleric. When I choose fiendish vessel, I'm told I have to be a specific alignment...of which, LE is one. But when I choose LE, not only am I told I cannot be a cleric, but Fiendish Vessel requirements tell me I have to be my deity's alignment - and having chosen Belial, he is LE. So, I should be able to do this within the parameters of the game. But for some reason, PCGen doesn't like letting me be LE as a cleric, or a fiendish vessel. Both of which I should be able to do.

Thanks ahead of time for any and all assistance, and apologies if I set up any of this bug report incorrectly - first time at this!


Windows 10


Lauren Bledsoe
May 17, 2016, 9:31 PM

Sorry for double post - internet got wonky with me!

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