Magus Arcana - Pool Strike - Typo in text


Hi. Sorry if this bug report is in the wrong area.

Text says "deals 0d6 points", but should read 2d6.

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Andrew Maitland
November 24, 2016, 5:24 PM

Can you attach a *.pcg file of a character that shows this?

Andrew Maitland
November 26, 2016, 5:08 PM

MagusPoolStrikeDamageDice is set by MagusArcanaLVL/3 +1 which is set by MagusLVL which is Set by the Magus Level. So, unless you have a character that replicates this issue, I have no foundation on where to begin searching for the disconnect.

If I create a Magus and give him the Magus Arcana Pool Strike, as a 6th level character it shows "Pool Strike Type: MagusArcana Description: You can expend 1 point from your arcane pool as a standard action to charge your free hand with energy. You can make a melee touch attack with that hand as a free action as part of activating this ability. If the touch attack hits, it releases the charge and deals 3d6 points of energy damage (acid, cold, electricity, or fire, chosen when he spends the arcane pool point to activate this ability). You can use this ability with the spellstrike class feature. If you miss with this attack, you can hold the charge for up to 1 minute before it dissipates."

So, the only way yours would display 0d6 is you haven't taken the ability yet...

Anyways, I can't reproduce. Spent 5 minutes on this issue.

November 30, 2016, 7:14 AM

Thank you for looking into the issue.

Sorry for taking so long to respond. I have been having problems finding the MagusPoolStrike in my pcgen. Perhaps I need to load an optional module. I'll keep looking.

A thought: What does the description show BEFORE you take this feat?

Does it show the " deals 0d6 points of ..." text ?

If so, that is what confused me as a newcomer to pcgen.

Prior to the feat chosen, perhaps the "0d6" could be shown as "TBA", to indicate values are yet to be calculated.

Anyway, thanks for looking into it. I'll add more if I find anything.

Andrew Maitland
November 30, 2016, 2:07 PM

Hi Hal,

1) Magus Arcana are not "Feats"
2) Until you take the Magus Arcana, any calculations are 0. Thus, what I said, until you take the ability, it will display 0. And no, I cannot easily change the text based upon possession of the ability. That would involve modifying every single substitution value in the repository and a lot of extra calculation cycles to be managed.

Want to understand the scope of your "TBA" suggestion? grep or search for "%1" and let me know how many of those you find.

DESC:A lot of text + DESC:tba|VarValue0 + DESC:%1|ValueVar|CannotBeVarValue0 + DESC:Rest of the text

Perhaps when I do the conversion to the new formula system I'll do something like that, INFO:Some text|fancycode:1 TBA|fancycode:2 Value{0} and more text...

But for now, not on my todo list.








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