Barbarian Rage Power Beast Totem (greater, possibly also lesser) claw ability doesn't accurately improve damage dice on character sheet


Beast Totem (greater) improves damage dice by one step. For medium characters this improves damage dice for the claw ability from 1d6 to 1d8.

Note this may be an issue with the (lesser) version, as the lesser version indicates that claws do 1d6 damage base for medium creatures. When selecting the claw abilities in the class feature section, it indicates the damage correctly. However, when selecting the claw natural attack ability in the inventory, the description says 1d4.

I believe the issue is that normal monster claws are 1d4, and the barbarian rage power has "special" claws which start at 1d6 (medium) and advance to 1d8 (medium), and scale similarly for other size races.

Either 1. a new element needs to be added which is "Beast Totem Claws" with its own data set reflecting the correct attributes, or the base claw needs to be scaled correctly with both of these rage powers.

Related side note: When included in inventory, it says Claw x1. The (lesser) Beast Totem gives Two natural claw attacks, and should thus be added as Claw x2.


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Andrew Maitland
April 23, 2017, 9:51 PM
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