Ultimate Psionics Astral Skin not functioning


Astral Skin is not adding its bonuses when using Ultimate Psionics
But it does when using Psionics Expanded.
I have attached pcg to show this.




Andrew Maitland
May 12, 2019, 12:54 AM

Appears to be working just fine:


Andrew Maitland
May 12, 2019, 1:14 AM

Also, is it really necessary to load 178 Source Books?!?!?!? I seriously doubt you needed to all the APs and extras…


CAMPAIGN:Wyrd of Questhaven
CAMPAIGN:Granny Drake
CAMPAIGN:Book of the Faithful
CAMPAIGN:Book of Arcane Magic
CAMPAIGN:Remarkable Races
CAMPAIGN:Pathfinder - Ascension Games - Path of Shadows
CAMPAIGN:DSP - Ultimate Psionics
CAMPAIGN:Path of War
CAMPAIGN:Path of War Expanded
CAMPAIGN:Blood and Steel - Book 2 - The Ninja
CAMPAIGN:Legendary - Treasury of the Pharaohs
CAMPAIGN:PF - Spheres of Power
CAMPAIGN:PF - City of Strangers
CAMPAIGN:Hell's Vengeance Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Ironfang Invasion Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Iron Gods Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Feats of Legend: 20 Alcohol Feats
CAMPAIGN:Curse of the Crimson Throne - Chapter 1 - Edge of Anarchy (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Curse of the Crimson Throne - Chapter 2 - Seven Days to the Grave (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Curse of the Crimson Throne - Chapter 3 - Escape from Old Korvosa (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Curse of the Crimson Throne - Chapter 4 - A History of Ashes (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Curse of the Crimson Throne - Chapter 5 - Skeletons of Scarwall (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Curse of the Crimson Throne - Chapter 6 - Crown of Fangs (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Ironfang Invasion (Trail of the Hunted)
CAMPAIGN:Second Darkness, Chapter 1 - Shadow in the Sky (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Second Darkness, Chapter 2 - Children of the Void (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Second Darkness, Chapter 3 - The Armageddon Echo (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Second Darkness, Chapter 4 - Endless Night (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Second Darkness, Chapter 5 - A Memory of Darkness (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Second Darkness, Chapter 6 - Descent into Midnight (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Skull and Shackles (The Wormwood Mutiny)
CAMPAIGN:Chronicle of the Righteous
CAMPAIGN:Inner Sea Faiths
CAMPAIGN:Ironfang Invasion (Fangs of War)
CAMPAIGN:Ironfang Invasion (Assault on Longshadow)
CAMPAIGN:Ironfang Invasion (Siege of Stone)
CAMPAIGN:Classic Treasures Revisited
CAMPAIGN:Adventurer's Armory
CAMPAIGN:Adventurer's Armory 2
CAMPAIGN:Andoran - Spirit of Liberty
CAMPAIGN:Animal Archive
CAMPAIGN:Beginner Box
CAMPAIGN:Blood of Fiends
CAMPAIGN:Carrion Crown Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Champions of Purity
CAMPAIGN:Cheliax - Empire of Devils
CAMPAIGN:Cities of Golarion
CAMPAIGN:Council of Thieves Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Critical Fumble Deck
CAMPAIGN:Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Demon Hunter's Handbook
CAMPAIGN:Dwarves of Golarion
CAMPAIGN:Elves of Golarion
CAMPAIGN:Faction Guide
CAMPAIGN:Faiths of Balance
CAMPAIGN:Faiths of Corruption
CAMPAIGN:Faiths of Purity
CAMPAIGN:Gnomes of Golarion
CAMPAIGN:Goblins of Golarion
CAMPAIGN:Halflings of Golarion
CAMPAIGN:Humans of Golarion
CAMPAIGN:Inner Sea Primer
CAMPAIGN:Jade Regent Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Kingmaker Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Knights of the Inner Sea
CAMPAIGN:Legacy of Fire Player's Guide (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Mummys Mask Players Guide
CAMPAIGN:Orcs of Golarion
CAMPAIGN:People of the Stars
CAMPAIGN:Pirates of the Inner Sea
CAMPAIGN:Qadira - Gateway to the East
CAMPAIGN:Quests and Campaigns
CAMPAIGN:Pathfinder Adventure Path #67
CAMPAIGN:Reign of Winter Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path
CAMPAIGN:Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Sargava the Lost Colony
CAMPAIGN:Second Darkness Player's Guide (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Serpent's Skull Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Adventure Path #61
CAMPAIGN:Shattered Star Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Skull and Shackles Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Taldor - Echoes of Glory (Conversion)
CAMPAIGN:Ultimate Campaign
CAMPAIGN:Undead Slayer's Handbook
CAMPAIGN:Varisia - Birthplace of Legends
CAMPAIGN:Wrath of the Righteous Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:101 1st Level Spells
CAMPAIGN:The Genius Guide to The Talented Monk
CAMPAIGN:Advanced Options: Inquisitors' Judgments
CAMPAIGN:Super Genius Games - Adventurer's Handbook
CAMPAIGN:Super Genius Games - Genius Guide: Air Magic
CAMPAIGN:Super Genius Games - Krazy Kragnar's Alchemical Surplus Shop
CAMPAIGN:The Genius Guide to The Talented Rogue
CAMPAIGN:Advanced Class Origins
CAMPAIGN:Alchemy Manual
CAMPAIGN:Andoran - Birthplace of Freedom
CAMPAIGN:Aquatic Adventures
CAMPAIGN:Armor Master's Handbook
CAMPAIGN:Artifacts and Legends
CAMPAIGN:Bastards of Golarion
CAMPAIGN:Blood of Angels
CAMPAIGN:Blood of the Elements
CAMPAIGN:Blood of the Moon
CAMPAIGN:Blood of the Night
CAMPAIGN:Champions of Balance
CAMPAIGN:Champions of Corruption
CAMPAIGN:Dirty Tactics Toolbox
CAMPAIGN:Divine Anthology
CAMPAIGN:Dragon Empires Primer
CAMPAIGN:Dragonslayer's Handbook
CAMPAIGN:Dungeoneer's Handbook
CAMPAIGN:Faiths and Philosophies
CAMPAIGN:Familiar Folio
CAMPAIGN:Heroes of the Streets
CAMPAIGN:Heroes of the Wild
CAMPAIGN:Inner Sea Bestiary
CAMPAIGN:Inner Sea Combat
CAMPAIGN:Inner Sea Gods
CAMPAIGN:Inner Sea Magic
CAMPAIGN:Inner Sea Races
CAMPAIGN:Kobolds of Golarion
CAMPAIGN:Legacy of Dragons
CAMPAIGN:Magical Marketplace
CAMPAIGN:Melee Tactics Toolbox
CAMPAIGN:Monster Codex
CAMPAIGN:Monster Summoner's Handbook
CAMPAIGN:Mythic Adventures
CAMPAIGN:Pathfinder Society Primer
CAMPAIGN:People of the North
CAMPAIGN:People of the River
CAMPAIGN:People of the Sands
CAMPAIGN:Healer's Handbook
CAMPAIGN:Ranged Tactics Toolbox
CAMPAIGN:The Harrow Handbook
CAMPAIGN:Weapon Master's Handbook
CAMPAIGN:Pathfinder Adventure Path #73
CAMPAIGN:Adventurer's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Blood of Shadows
CAMPAIGN:Blood of the Beast
CAMPAIGN:Elemental Master's Handbook
CAMPAIGN:Inner Sea Intrigue
CAMPAIGN:Spymaster's Handbook
CAMPAIGN:Giant Hunter's Handbook
CAMPAIGN:Minotaur - Monster Focus: Skeletons
CAMPAIGN:Minotaur - Monster Focus: Zombies
CAMPAIGN:Dragon Companion Handbook
CAMPAIGN:Dark Markets - A Guide to Katapesh - Conversion
CAMPAIGN:Guide to the River Kingdoms
CAMPAIGN:Heart of the Jungle
CAMPAIGN:Inner Sea World Guide
CAMPAIGN:Lords of Chaos - Book of the Damned - Volume 2
CAMPAIGN:Princes of Darkness - Book of the Damned - Volume 1
CAMPAIGN:Seekers of Secrets - A Guide to the Pathfinder Society
CAMPAIGN:Technology Guide
CAMPAIGN:Bestiary 4
CAMPAIGN:Bestiary 5
CAMPAIGN:Bestiary 6
CAMPAIGN:Dragon Empires Gazetteer
CAMPAIGN:Pathfinder Campaign Setting - Distant Worlds
CAMPAIGN:Advanced Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Bestiary 2
CAMPAIGN:Bestiary 3
CAMPAIGN:PF - Hell's Rebels Player's Guide
CAMPAIGN:Pathfinder Society Field Guide
CAMPAIGN:Pathfinder Unchained
CAMPAIGN:Ultimate Combat
CAMPAIGN:Ultimate Equipment
CAMPAIGN:Ultimate Magic
CAMPAIGN:Storm Bunny Studios - The Gun Priest
CAMPAIGN:Advanced Class Guide
CAMPAIGN:Advanced Race Guide
CAMPAIGN:Arcane Anthology
CAMPAIGN:Occult Adventures
CAMPAIGN:Ultimate Intrigue
CAMPAIGN:Ultimate Wilderness
CAMPAIGN:Core Rulebook

William L (WarStoke)
May 12, 2019, 1:27 AM

Lol no doesn’t need to have all those

But the issue is not with astral armor but astral skin

Andrew Maitland
May 12, 2019, 1:34 AM
Andrew Maitland
May 12, 2019, 1:36 AM

Well, debugging the Astral Skin would have been faster if that was equipped the first time. Anyways, I don’t know what the issue was but I redid how the abilities are granted, and fixed some issues. Also, don’t load NEW SOURCES, the errors clutter my log and really slow down this process. MINIMAL Sources required to reproduce an issue. I shouldn’t be sorting through cruft to solve your actual issue.



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