Dragon Disciple Draconic bloodline doesn't add correctly to existing character with draconic bloodline


Currently, if a level of dragon disciple is added to a character with Sorcerer with Draconic Bloodline, Bloodrager with Draconic Bloodline, or Eldritch Scion (magus archtype) with Draconic Bloodline it creates an additional Draconic bloodline on the character rather than advancing the existing character's current bloodline. Additionally, it is stacking the bonuses for the two separate bloodlines and creating incorrect bonuses I.E. draconic resistances is becoming resistance 10 for the dragon specific element when it should only be 5, or creating two separate entries for breath weapon at level 8 on the character sheet with different values. Also, the summary page says that too many bloodlines have been selected when the dragon disciple level is added. The interaction between the original class and dragon disciple class is not quite working correctly and the character sheet is getting listings from both sources (original class and dragon disciple) on the character sheet.

For trouble shooting purposes, I recommend creating a level 5 bloodrager with draconic bloodline and then add a level of dragon disciple (requires knowledge arcane 5 and the ability to speak draconic as well). Issues immediately start appearing; the more levels of dragon disciple that are added, the more problems arise.




Eitan Adler


Adam Smith

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