Still Can't Select Druid Domain in Domain Tab


I refer to the bug report DATA-4090.

When selecting the Druid Domain in Class Features > Druid Domain (in my case, Aquatic), the Aquatic Domain still cannot be selected in the Domains tab.

Spells are available after saving, closing, and reopening the character, but granted powers are not available. This doesn't change after saving, closing, and reopening the character, nor does it change after saving, closing PCGen, or reopening the character.

From Ultimate Magic:

Animal and Terrain Domains
Presented in the section below are new rules for animal and terrain domains—domains for druids whose focus is more specific than the Animal, Plant, Weather, or elemental domains. A druid with the nature's bond ability can choose an animal domain or terrain domain. Just like cleric domains, animal and terrain domains have granted powers and domain spells, and a druid who selects an animal or terrain domain gains a domain spell slot at each level. A druid who worships a deity (as opposed to nature in general) cannot select an animal or terrain domain that contradicts or is outside of the portfolio of her deity.

If an animal or terrain domain ability calls for a saving throw, the DC of the save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the character's druid level + her Wisdom modifier.

Other nature-themed classes with access to domains may select an animal or terrain domain in place of a regular domain.

Aquatic Domain
Granted Powers: You master the deeps of the sea, raging rivers, flowing falls, and relentless tides.

Sealord (Su): You can channel energy (as a cleric of your druid level) a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier, but only to heal creatures with the aquatic or water subtype or to command them (similar to using the Command Undead feat against undead). You can take other feats to add to this ability, such as Extra Channel and Improved Channel, but not feats that alter this ability, such as Elemental Channel and Alignment Channel. The DC to save against this ability is equal to 10 + 1/2 your druid level + your Charisma modifier.

Seastrike (Su): At 6th level, as a free action, you may use natural and manufactured weapons in water as if you had continuous freedom of movement. As a standard action, you can throw a weapon underwater without the normal penalties for throwing weapons; if your target is in or under the water, the weapon also acts as a returning weapon (see page 471 of the Core Rulebook) for that attack.

Domain Spells: 1st—hydraulic push, 2nd—slipstream, 3rd—water breathing, 4th—freedom of movement, 5th—black tentacles, 6th—freezing sphere, 7th—animal shapes (aquatic creatures only), 8th—seamantle, 9th—tsunami.


Windows 10 (6.08.00 RC8)
iOS 10.13.6 (6.07.06)


Andrew Maitland
August 10, 2020, 5:44 PM

Unable to produce the error the OP indicates.

Able to select the Aquatic Domain, noting the Deity of None was selected already.

Unless an error log shows anything else, going to close this as not a bug.

August 10, 2020, 7:48 PM

I’ve loaded only Core Supplements but still face the same issue. I can select the Aquatic Domain in the Feats & Abilities > Class Features > Druid Domain menu but can’t select Aquatic Domain in the Domains tab. Granted powers don’t load with simple reload, either.

Andrew Maitland
August 24, 2020, 12:58 PM

Thanks! That's exactly what I needed. Tracked down the reversal of the name.

Andrew Maitland
August 24, 2020, 1:03 PM
September 5, 2020, 12:16 AM

Resolved, thanks Andrew!



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