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There seems to be an error with the Ranger Class Feature for Favored Enemies when utilizing the Shapeshifting Hunter Feat. The Feat adds your Druid & Ranger class levels together to calculate your total number of favored enemies.

I noticed the bug when I added 1 Ranger level to a level 6 Druid and took the feat. It gave me 3 favored enemies and 2 favored enemy bonus. According to the feat, it should treat me as a level 7 Ranger for calculating favored enemies which would be 2 favored enemies and 1 favored enemy bonus.

I have done a bit of testing and verified that building a level 7 Ranger calculates correctly at 2 favored enemies and 1 favored enemy bonus.

I also made a new character and advanced him to a level 4 druid (minimum for the feat's Wildshape requirement), added 1 level of ranger and then added the feat. The Druid 4/Ranger 1 calculates correctly at 2 favored enemies and 1 favored enemy bonus. I then added ranger levels until I reached 7th level and it continued to calculate correctly at 2 favored enemies and 1 favored enemy bonus.

I removed the excess rangers levels and went back to a Druid 4 / Ranger 1 and proceeded to add additional druid levels. By adding a single additional druid level the bug showed up again giving me 3 favored enemies and 2 favored enemy bonuses. I continued to add Druid levels up to Druid 9 / Ranger 1. The bonuses remained at 3 favored and 2 bonuses for every additional level. Once I added another druid level to reach Druid 10 / Ranger 1, the totals increased to 4 favored enemies and 3 bonuses....this should not occur until level 15. So I added more druid levels up to Druid 14 / Ranger 1 and it remained at 4 favored and 3 bonus for every level. At Druid 15 / Ranger 1, the bonuses increased to 5 favored enemies and 4 bonuses, which shouldn't occur until level 20.

Mathematically it appears to be treating your druid level as if it were 4 levels higher than it actually is. Druid 5/Ranger 1 should be effective level 6, but it's giving you the level 10 abilities. Druid 10 / Ranger 1 should be effective level 11 but it's giving you the level 15 abilities. Druid 15 / Ranger 1 should be effective level 16 but it's giving you the level 20 abilities. A bit of speculation but the coincidence seems too uncanny....Wildshape requires a level 4 druid, so the feat might be using some weird math or double-counting druid levels.


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Timothy Pasquini
August 30, 2020, 9:39 AM

Ok. I guess I should have poked around the .lst file before I wrote all that up. In my defense I know nothing about coding and am generally wary of this sort of thing. Fortunately, it might be a simple math issue.

The uc_feats.lst file from Ultimate Combat has the following variables:

In thinking about the math for the Druid 6 / Ranger 1 that triggered this whole issue, I think the “+1” for the favored enemy and favored enemy bonus are wrong. Doing the equation (Druid 6)/5+1= 2.2. I assume it must truncate this number down to 2. Now, 2 favored enemies would be correct for a Druid 6 / Ranger 1, except you already had to add 1 favored enemy from being a Ranger 1 in order to qualify for the feat. This means the feat gives you 2 and your single ranger level gives you 1.

Get up to Druid 10 / Ranger 1 and the feat calculates 3 favored enemies, but you already had 1 favored enemy from the Ranger 1, which is why it gives you 4 favored enemies at Druid 10 / Ranger 1.

Thinking about this for a bit, I tried dropping the +1 to fix it, but that made me get each upgrade 1 level late (6th instead of 5th, 11th instead of 10th, etc). So if we know that Druid 9 / Ranger 1 should have a total of 3 favored enemies and we know that Ranger 1 is giving you 1 favored enemy already. Druid 9 divided by 5 will give you 1.8 favored enemies. Druid 14 divided by 5 gives you 2.8. Druid 19 divided by 5 gives you 3.8. Druid 4 divided by 5 also gives you .8.

You have probably noticed that each of these increments is .2 short of being correct which is why the additional favored enemy doesn’t show up until a level late. I tried to change the .lst to have the following instead:


This change looks like it fixed my problem, however, I did zero testing beyond adding druid levels to my existing character.

Andrew Maitland
August 30, 2020, 10:54 AM


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