Stoneplate from Ultimate Equipment should cost 1800gp, but it is displayed as 450gp


IN ultimate equipment, the stoneplate costs 1800gp. the list files confirm that cost as 1800gp. However the purchase price in pcgen is 450gp. not sure why. it did not appear to be modified anywhere. Relevant line from ue_arms_armor_equip.lst

Stoneplate PROFICIENCY:ARMOR|Stoneplate TYPE:Armor.Heavy.ArmorProfHeavy.Suit.Standard COST:1800 WT:75 ACCHECK:-6 EQMOD:Material ~ Stone MAXDEX:1 SOURCEPAGE:p.14 SPELLFAILURE:35 BONUS:COMBAT|AC|9|TYPE=Armor|PREVAREQ:DisableArmorBonus,0

not sure why this is showing up with this price(450gp)(see screen shot attached). i could not find additional references to stoneplate that modified the price. I am also attaching a character file (bare bones) which you can see the wrong price in the inventory tab. I realize that this is a small thing - if yo uknew that stoneplate should cost 1800, you can just adjust the price as you purchase it for your PC.


windows 10, PCgen 6.08.00 RC8


David Shade
October 1, 2020, 1:22 AM

for the reason for the error. on p.53 of UE it says that:”Stone weapons cost a quarter as much as base items of their type, and weigh 75% of what base items of their type do.” That is coded in ue_equipmods.lst as: Stone               KEY:Material ~ Stone                        NAMEOPT:NORMAL      TYPE:BaseMaterial.Mundane.Ammunition.Armor.Shield.Weapon.Instruments.Tools.Goods    COST (BASECOST)*-0.75   VISIBLE:QUALIFY ITYPE:Stone                                                                     SOURCEPAGE:p.53                                             !PRETYPE:1,EQMODTYPE=Mundane    !PRETYPE:1,Metal,Wooden !PRETYPE:1,Artisan,Spell Component

which then interacts with the definition of Stoneplate in ue_equip_arms_armor.lst which says Stoneplate                              PROFICIENCY:ARMOR|Stoneplate            TYPE:Armor.Heavy.ArmorProfHeavy.Suit.Standard                       COST:1800   WT:75       ACCHECK:-6      EQMOD:Material ~ Stone                                                                                  MAXDEX:1                                            SOURCEPAGE:p.14 SPELLFAILURE:35                                                                                                                         BONUS:COMBAT|AC|9|TYPE=Armor|PREVAREQ:DisableArmorBonus,0

and makes the cost = basecost-0.75 or 1800-1350=450.

the description on page 53 says this is true of weapons and says that armor like stoneplate are an exception. I think the fix is to remove the EQMOD term from the Stoneplate definition (since it is an exception). I will post a modified version of the ue_equip_arms_armor.lst file after verifying the price is shown correctly at 1800.

David Shade
October 1, 2020, 1:39 AM

modified file which deletes the EQMOD: term for the Stoneplate definition

Andrew Maitland
October 18, 2020, 12:46 AM

This appears to have been fixed by another data monkey by making a separate Stone EQMOD for weapons and removing the cost multiplier.





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