Make a Black Blade (Magus 'Bladebound' archetype) weapon with proper adjustments


See bug for intial report. This bug is to isolate the data component of the Blackblade ego progression and mental stats.

Steps to reproduce:

Create a 3rd level Magus, then add the "Bladebound" archetype.
Create the intelligent item black blade, and equip it.
Check the character sheet.

The details for the Black Blade (Int/Wis/Chr Ego) are incorrect. The black blade has a non-standard ego progression described in the archetype description.

Ultimate Magic, p. 47 Magus Bladebound Archetype. Table 3-1 "Black Blade Progression" and text on the same page, center right side "ego progression."

The algorithmic advancement per level is described pretty well here:


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Andrew Maitland
March 21, 2013, 12:43 PM

Just to repeat, I've made a level 3 Human Magus, added the archetype, I add the 'companion' - the stats are correct, the ego is matching the table. I don't know about equipping any item as I don't see anything to add. I could alter how the companion works, but at this point, it's working as intended.

I double checked the lst code, and there isn't any Black Blade EQMOD, or Item listed. All I have is a companion, Kit, the proper progression laid out.

I'm not seeing anything broken at this point. I need more details of what you are seeing that doesn't match. Otherwise, I'm going to say this isn't broken.

Jesse Mundis
March 22, 2013, 12:16 AM

Hey Andrew. Sorry once again for my incomplete bug reports. Kind of embarrassed being a software dev myself. :-/ I do appreciate your time in investigating these.

You are correct that the companion page shows the correct info. What happened was, I expected the blade itself to be an item in my inventory, which I could then equip. If there is an easy way to add that, I missed it. As it is a weapon with damage stats, I'd love to see an option to add that to equipment. Not being familiar with the tags, I'm not sure if EQMOD is what I want, or not, but reading the docs, it looks likely.

Not finding a way to equip my black blade, I went to the equipment pane, and tried to customize an item, adding "IntlItemBase" "PLUS1W" and "IntlItemPurpose". The problem is, the Item Customizer doesn't have mental stats less than 10, and no way to specify ego stats. That's where I saw the incorrect Ego value, in the item I made as best I could to approximate the Black Blade so I'd have something to equip. When I reported the bug, I forgot that I had tried to customize it, and thought it was the companion blade, showing up on my sheet with the wrong values.

I think this Data bug can be closed, but it would still be nice if after selecting the Bladebound archetype, a combat entry for the black blade showed up on the sheet, ideally with it's own arcane pool. I guess a Black Blade EQMOD is the right way to handle this.


Andrew Maitland
March 22, 2013, 1:07 AM

Changed this from a Bug to a feature request. There are methods we could do it, but I'm not decided upon any of them yet.

I'm thinking you choose a 'Weapon' as your Blackblade, and then I can give the To Hit and Damage bonus as long as you equip the correct item. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more inclined I am with that solution.

In case you want to give it a try yourself (Cause this monkey needs to hit the sack)

BONUS:ABILITYPOOL|Blackblade Weapon Selection|1

Make the proper ability (And I'm shorthanding this, so don't take it verbatim! -

Throw the proper bonus formula for the Variable, and we're golden.

So, you can pick up any Longsword, and it'll have the proper bonuses.

For your ego display, that's cake to add to the proper ability.

(For the OS tracker, that isn't technically possible to do as far as I can tell, I'd have to alter the OS code, so no promises on how long that will take)

Andrew Maitland
March 29, 2013, 1:53 AM

First pass to implement - Completed: At revision: 19753
Missing Formula. But this will have to be picked up tomorrow. Bed time.

Andrew Maitland
April 18, 2013, 3:26 AM

Completed: At revision: 19957


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