Zen Archer Weapon Focus/Specialization Incompatible with Weapon-Specific Prerequisites (fix)


The existing "Weapon Focus ~ Zen Archer" and "Weapon Specialization ~ Zen Archer" special abilities (data/alpha/paizo/pathfinder_rpg/advanced_players_guide/pfapg_abilities_archetypes.lst, lines 775-776) use SERVESAS:FEAT for meeting feat prerequisites and replicate the bonuses those feats provide using BONUS tags. This works
for fulfilling most prerequisites related to those two feats, but the SERVESAS:FEATs aren't specific to the weapon chosen because (as far as I can tell) SERVESAS:FEAT doesn't work with %LIST wildcards.

This is a problem for at least the Arcane Archer prestige class, which requires Weapon Focus in some sort of bow, because the "SERVESAS:FEAT|Weapon Focus" of the "Weapon Focus ~ Zen Archer" ability is insufficient to meet that prerequisite. Replacing the original SERVESAS:FEATs and BONUSes with the AUTO:FEATs below (which work with the existing CHOOSErs) fixes the issue for both abilities.

Weapon Focus ~ Zen Archer
AUTO:FEAT|Weapon Focus (%LIST)

Weapon Specialization ~ Zen Archer
AUTO:FEAT|Weapon Specialization (%LIST)




Andrew Maitland
March 26, 2013, 12:04 AM

Completed: At revision: 19708-9

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