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I was trying to find out how to add the White Necromancer to my pcgen. I googled it and they it said that it was in the New Paths Compendium from Kobold Press. I can't seem to find it on my system and was wondering if it was in the PCGen.

Also how do I update new content.

Thank you


how to add new content


Andrew Maitland
February 21, 2015, 1:08 AM

Hi Matt,

To my knowledge, White Necromancer part of New Paths Compendium published by Kobold Press is not presently included in PCGen.

Now, updating new content is a tricky question to answer:
1) Is the new content included in a release?
2) Is the new content going to be included in the next release?
3) Does the content exist?
4) Is there an OOC available?

#1 - If yes, grab that pcgen release
#2 - If yes, grab the correct autobuild of pcgen to get early access
#3 - If no, then see notes below
#4 - If yes, you download and use the "Install" function
If you become a developer, there is the 5th option, but I won't dive into that here.

If the content does not exist, you have two options:
A) Ask for it to be included in pcgen
B) Learn the LST code language and make it yourself

A) Requires the permission of the publisher, and a LST capable monkey to work on it. Takes roughly 3-6 months from request to released set depending on book perception of priority to the team - mind that's once we approve and someone takes it up. Some requests don't get fulfilled due to no interest or no time (Monkey needs time, interest to make it, and a copy of the book)
B) Requires about a month of trial and error, but most folks are capable of creating their own rudimentary materials with very little help. True mastery takes about 2-3 years, but these are the guys who put out the big source books, create rather complicated systems that makes character creation a breeze, and in general are the architects for new game system support. Most people require enough know-how to create a basic class, add a feat/trait/class feature, a spell, and sometimes a new race.

B has a mailing list on yahoo, and a forum. You learn how to make your material, and eventually, you can contribute to the community.

B also has a decent documentation support, the community support, several YouTube videos, and lots of existing books to see how things are put together. We also have two homebrew sets in the pcgen release to allow you to literally make your own materials without too much difficulty for 35e or pathfinder.

Hope that answers the question sufficiently.


February 21, 2015, 2:32 AM

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for the info, so my next question is how will I know if there is a new release?

Exp: if they make a Beasty 6 how would I know when it has been added to PCGen.


Andrew Maitland
February 21, 2015, 3:52 AM

Our releases tend to be broadcast. At the very least the main mailing list on Yahoo. We normally hit which books are coming available in the board meetings, which are posted for the public to read.

The only active book work is the Paizo Pathfinder system book "Advanced Class Guide" at this time.

Each release has a release note in htm format which emphasizes what features were added/fixed by each of the major categories. For newer sources, our NEW SOURCE JIRA tracks the entire journey of a Book - from initial permission state, till it's pushed into a next release. We have a search feature which is handy for finding books or issues.

Now, just to clarify, a release to me is an actual version increment. 6.04.01 is a release, as are 6.05.00, and 6.05.01. Our releases are cyclic in nature.

Alpha releases tend to be 2 to 6 weeks apart, reason being is this is when all the massive/major changes are introduce to pcgen - releases happen when it's deemed necessary though. This phase has the greatest likelihood of containing "bugs", but it also has the newest features.

Beta tends to be 2 to 4 week spacing with consistency. The focus of this phase is fixing bugs introduced or discovered during the alpha phase. (This also includes issues discovered in the previous production release).

Release Candidates (RC) are exactly 1 week spacing, and happen when we believe PCGen is stable and ready for production release status

Production release - "Stable" version pushed to public. Production releases are the "Even" major versions... Series.Major.Minor - hence 6.04.00 is a production release, and 6.03.00 is an alpha release.

You can join the pcgen experimental or pcgen developer yahoo groups, as each release is announced a day before and when it is released.










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