Issue with Lay on Hands with Gray Guard Prestige Class from 3.5E in Pathfinder



I've been trying to add the Gray Guard prestige class from the Complete Scoundrel for one of my campaigns (modified a bit to fit my story) and I've been having issues with the prerequisite section (LayOnHandsLVL>0)
What I've currently tried:

CLASS:Gray Guard PREALIGN:LG PRESKILL:2,Knowledge (Religion)=8,Sense Motive=4 DEFINE:LayOnHandsLVL|TYPE=PaladinClassFeatures.SpecialQuality.Supernatural.LayOnHands.Lay on Hands PREVARGT:LayOnHandsLVL,0
CLASS:Gray Guard PREALIGN:LG PRESKILL:2,Knowledge (Religion)=8,Sense Motive=4 PREVARGT:LayOnHandsLVL,0
Both of these keep the prerequisite as invalid even if I have 8 levels in Paladin class. Now, I'm guessing that the parser doesn't know what LayOnHandsLVL is or means, since this has been defined in the cr_classes.lst and cr_abilities.lst and not in my homebrew files.

I don't know if something similar has ever been attempted and what the correct way to proceed is. Also, I have based my file upon the 3.5E Diabolist lst (botd1_.lst) and I noticed that the abilities/progression is entered much differently than in the cr_.lst files for Pathfinder.

How should I go to attempt this?

Best regards,

P.S.: I know I haven't defined the Ex-Gray Guard class yet, but I don't believe this has any impact on current issue


Win10 64bit


Andrew Maitland
May 19, 2016, 6:26 PM

No further input from reporter. Nothing for PCGen to implement.

Issue closed.

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