Heroes of the Street


Class issue and adding Paizo content

I was trying to make a character I have when I when i couldn't find
the Magus Class in the Pathfinder RPG for Game Masters then I looked
under the Pathfinder RPG for Players and the Magus class was still
missing then I went to Pathfinder RPG Core Supplements and the Magus
class was there. Then I started building the Character and when I got
to the archetype the list didn't have my chosen archetype of Eldrich
Archer. I should have relized the Archetype would not have been there
under the core suppelments. I then went to see if you had Pathfinder
Player Companion: Heroes of the Street in your sources for
distribution under Paizo which I did't see it there. so i'm writing to
have the Magus Class added to the the other Pathfinder data sets and
have the Pathfinder Player Companion: Heroes of the Street data added
to the Pathfinder sets as well. Thank You for your time.


Andrew Maitland


Andrew Maitland

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