[Distant Horizons Games] The Practical Enchanter


Publisher: Distant Horizons Game
Source: The Practical Enchanter
GameMode: 3e, 35e
LST Monkey: Andrew Maitland

Are you Practical?
Then welcome to the Practical Enchanter, your source for enchantment techniques.
From empowering your friends to cursing your enemies, from crafting a self-powered
caravan to making Heartstones, the Practical Enchanter knows how to do it all.
! Spell Templates covering millions of spells! (Even we can't count 'em!)
! 42 Mystical New Feats and New Uses for Old Skills.
! Heartstones, Wards Major, and Magical Orders.
! Full Construct Creation Rules.
! Advanced rules for Sacred and Profane Bonuses and new Turning options.
! Creating - and Buying Off - exact ECL adjustments and Templates.
! Full Rules for Curses, Summoning, Channeling, and Feat-Granting Devices.
! Runic and Ritual Magic.
! Charms and Talismans - New magic item categories guaranteed not to wreck your game.
! Rules for Talents, Superheros and Cybertechnology.
! Living in a Magical World: Your Guide to Fantasy Life.

*Warning: Excessive use of Grod may cause pregnancy in women or serious bleeding, death by longsword, and severe head loss in men. If any of these symptoms should occur discontinue use and consult your cleric immediately. Not for use with large quantities of personal wealth. May cause loss of valued items. Do not use with orcs, half-orcs, stupid gnomes, wimpy mages, self-righteous paladins or any other type of character Grod is prejudiced against. In case of Dragon or Archdemon additional adventurers may be required for best results. Grod not for internal use. May cause severe reactions in civilization. Use of Grod increases the amount of disorder in the universe, thereby increasing its entropy level. Not responsible for any collapse of space and time which may result. All rights reserved. Reservations required. Any resemblance to parents probably not genetic in d20 universe. Taking Barbarian levels highly recommended by Grod. No training required. Parental discretion advised. Not responsible for Acts of Grod. Weapons and armor restrictions enforced at your own risk. Any resemblance to persons living, dead, or fictional due to lack of artistic talent only. Not responsible for physical or emotional scarring. Grod may be too intense for some viewers. Does not cure baldness. For noneducational purposes only. Copyright enforced by battleaxe. Healing potions not included. Use only as directed. No directions included. One size fits all. Subject to change without notice. Trial by combat is fin -AAARGH! AHH! GROD! NOOO! (Gurgle-Twitch-Gurgle-Ooze...)"
"Get on with buying Book! Me get Royalty!" -Grod


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