create PRESPELLPREPARED as a global PRExxx tag


Variables Used ( x ): Number (number of requirements to be met)
Variables Used ( y ): TYPE=Text (Magic type, e.g. Arcane, Divine, Psionic, MyMadeUpType)
Variables Used ( y ): Text (Spell name)
Variables Used ( y ): SCHOOL=Text (School/Subschool Name)
Variables Used ( y ): DESCRIPTOR=Text (Descriptor Name)
Variables Used ( y ): DOMAIN=Text (Domain Name)
Variables Used ( z ): LEVELMIN=Number, Variable, Formula, or MAXCASTABLE (Minimum spell level, Optional)
Variables Used ( z ): LEVELMAX=Number, Variable, Formula, or MAXCASTABLE (Maximum spell level, Optional)

What it does:
Makes a requirement (or restriction) based on having a specific spell prepared (memorized or 'checked off' for spontaneous casters)
This uses a comma to seperate each item within (z) and a pipe delimiter to seperate each group of ( y ) and ( z ).

Requirement of at least 1 spell of the Arcane type
PRESPELLPREPARED:5,Acid Arrow,Mage Armor|DOMAIN=Creation
Requirement of 5 different spells, 2 which must be the named spells and 3 from the creation domain
Requirement of 7 spells from the universal school and they must be level 3
Requirement of 27 spells that must be either both Arcane and Divine or Psionic, 1 of which must be Fireball, from the Void school, have the descriptor of evil, must be from the air domain, and must all be at least level 2 and no higher than level 8
Cannot have any spells of the TYPE DwarvenDeity prepared




October 11, 2013, 5:58 AM

Looking at the logic in the syntax I'm thinking the variable z LEVELMAX does not need the MAXCASTABLE parameter as the only spells in the selection pool will be those prepared and as a character is not allowed to prepare any spell of a level higher than their MAXCASTABLE, that limit is built into the current list.

Rob Reed
October 10, 2013, 5:09 AM

Ah, point. I was answering your specific points and not answering in the whole of my request, sorry about that.

This can be used in feats (item creation feats), templates, kits, and tempbonus cases.

Item Creation Feats - I'm still working out all the details on this, but the general idea is that you have to have X spell to craft, say a ring... So while the item customizer allows for creation of anything equipment related in a general way, this is more specific to the character loaded... what can they create at the moment based on what they have memorized (perhaps overkill, and very specific instances in nature, but like I said, still working on this)

Templates/kits/tempbonus are more 'now' than item creation feats - Shapechanging spells, spells that target self/personal, that we use these types of things to modify a character currently (where we can).

Although, perhaps atm, we can hold off on this while discussion on the experimental list is ongoing for folding this with the other PRESPELL tags? this might end up being not needed.

James Dempsey
October 10, 2013, 4:43 AM

Rob, you've asked for a global tag, but the examples you have described thus far would only work for spells.

That is, this tag could only be implemented such that it could occur on a spell line and its only affect would be to stop the adding of a spell to a prepared list.

Rob Reed
October 10, 2013, 3:33 AM

Why wouldn't it be predictable? If it's per prepared spell list, then it checks each prepared spell list when attempting to add a spell to that list that has this tag on it..
PSL 1: Ant Haul, Summon Monster, Bane
PSL 2: Ant Haul, Summon Monster
I select PSL 1, Go to add the Spell Bless, it has !PRESPELLPREPARED:1,Bane - Well Bane is in PSL1, so Bless isn't added.
I select PSL 2, go to add the Spell Bless, it has !PRESPELLPREPARED:1,Bane - Bane isn't in it, so Bless is added.

As for abilities, nothing I've seen mentions abilities counting, it's very specific that it's actual spellcasters, so I'd say no, spells via abilities don't count.

James Dempsey
October 10, 2013, 1:26 AM

It sounds like this would not work in a predictable manner if used outside a prepared spell list when there are multiple prepared spell lists.

e.g. If I have two lists, one with Acid Arrow and one without, should the PRESPELLPREPARED:1,Acid Arrow pass or fail if used from an ability?




Rob Reed



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