Equipment tag: 'APPLIEDWHEN'


Ioun Stone in Wayfinder gives its bonus (Pathfinder)

Homebrew - Weapon, Armor and Shield Crystals (3.5 Closed Source)

The idea is simple, you plug your item into a Slot in another object. We need a method to do the same in PCGen.

Instead of Container - I suggest a name, like EQUIPPEDSLOT or something generic. Any item that is placed in the "EQUIPPEDSLOT" of the item will be treated as equipped when the item itself is "equipped" treating the two as one.




Mark Means
May 12, 2014, 11:19 PM

This can also solve the problem with using the Hand of Glory or Ten-Ring Sword by identifying which ring is slotted into the item. So another possible tag might be EQUIPS which would declare which item key or TYPE would be considered equipped. CONTAINS would still be used to define what the container can contain. It seems a little redundant to specify the type in the new tag as well as the contains tag, but it allows utilizing the existing code that handles containers without modification and allows for the possibility of having a container that allows multiple types of items, but only equips certain types or certain specific items.

Hand of Glory <> EQUIPS:TYPE.Ring <> CONTAINS:UNLIM|Ring=1
Wayfinder <> EQUIPS:TYPE.Ioun <> CONTAINS:UNLIM|Ioun=1

And another hypothetical example:

Sword of Curing <> EQUIPS:Wand of Cure Light Wounds <> CONTAINS:UNLIM|Wand=1

This new tag will make it clear which items are equipped inside other items on the OS while still allowing the equipped contained items to be applied.

James, is this possible and easy to do?

Andrew Maitland
January 24, 2015, 7:56 PM

Ability to designate when an objects Bonus/Modify or other properties are applied to the PC.

(a) Entire object "Global" - part of the initial proposal by Tom to address the 'when active' state.
(b) Local Items on the object - Needs to be able to be per tag (Some bonuses/modify may be allowed as carried, or in storage, versus equipped/worn)
(c) Ability to toggle when a Bonus/Apply is enabled (Some objects have bonuses that are disabled when another object is 'attached', example is a Wayfinder, which loses it's normal cadre of granted spells, to be replaced by specific bonuses.)
(d) if not present defaults to 'equipped' state. Backwards compatible.

Andrew Maitland
February 25, 2016, 6:19 AM

Geez, this has has been waiting for over a year...


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