Add VISIBLE: (including support for VISIBLE:NO) to equipment


Pathfinder Unchained introduces a new alternative rule called "Automatic Bonus Progression". This is a rule system designed to frree the characters of the need for the so called "big six" magic items. These items are magic weapon, magic armor, ring of protection, cloak of resistance, amulet of natural armor, and stat booster headband/belt. Moste characters "need" and want these items, blocking their slots for other, perhaps more interesting items.

The new system eliminates these items and grants the characters their bonuses on a level progression. In order to implement this, the various items need to be removed from the interface. While implementing, I tried to use .FORGET, to completely remove them, but they are used in starting kits, where they cannot currently be MODded away, as far as I know.

I have come across a similar problem with some feats I needed to remove for my house rules, where .FORGETcould not be used either, because the feats are used in companion starting kits, so I used .MOD with VISIBLE:NO.

Equipment objects however do not allow VISIBLE:NO. Is there are reason to disallow that?

Is it possible to use VISIBLE with PRExxx in order to check a variable that controls whether or not the alternative rule system is enabled?

(BTW: even with hidden equipment and feats, the starting kits are still problematic, because they cannot be adapted. I suggest we shoudl find a way to MOD kits.)




Stefan Radermacher
August 19, 2015, 7:58 AM


Tom Parker
August 12, 2015, 1:13 AM

Assert that the default value is "YES" for this new token (since that is effectively the behavior today)

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Stefan Radermacher



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