Templates used indicated on first page


Have an (option for) the templates applied to a character to be listed on the front sheet of the (pdf) OS.

I.E a Barbarian can print off one 'normal' full character sheet, and only needs to print off a 2nd copy of the first sheet to show his raged affects - and ensures that the player is aware which first page is raged and which isnt.

Spell affects could similarly be listed.

Mileage can vary - from prior discussions I know some have many spell effects applied, whilst others only use 1 or 2, so the output of this list of templates may need to be restricted to a certain count of characters (40 letters?) to prevent overflow and filling up the front page unnecessarily.

Suggestions are to put this into the header/footer line (though that could be small and overlooked), or display as a large 'watermark' across the entire page?




Andrew Maitland
July 20, 2014, 11:45 PM

First page is crowded. Temporary Bonuses display on the second page when activated. Add Watermarks is beyond my level of experience. Closing this out as fulfilled.

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Dave Griffin