Condensed display sheet appears superfluous and naming can be clarified


There are three 'condensed' spell sheets

Condensed_spell <- 'standard' (two weapon fighting stats) weapon display
condensed_simple <- 'simple' weapon display
Condensed_display <- standard weapons display & doesnt use full width for equipment display

All have the same spell format, so the name convention could be clearer.
IMHO the 'condensed display' sheet is not required and could be removed, it's only difference (that I've spotted!) is that it doesnt use the full width of the column for equipment display.

The 'condensed spell' sheet could be renamed to 'condensed standard' to fit within the naming convention used for all other sheets.




Andrew Maitland
October 3, 2012, 10:58 PM

the condensed series is incomplete and a work in progress. The naming convention isn't followed as such.
1) Condensed Simple - is for the Simple Weapon Display
2) Condensed Spell - is the master work sheet currently being tested for all user requests before porting to other sheets
3) Condensed Display - Is going to end up the truly condensed version with all Bio details saved on the last page for users wishing not to have Alignment or deities displayed.

Again, ALL sheets are work-in-progress.

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Andrew Maitland


Dave Griffin