Pathfinder - quarterstaff output is "odd"


(Cleric 1, Str 14) equipping a quarterstaff as a Double Weapon and export to PDF as Standard sheet, I see 3 blocks:

1st: "Quarterstaff" total attack bonus -6;-6, damage 1d6+2/+1

2nd: "Quarterstaff (Head 1 only)
1H-P has N/A to hit (also 1H-O and 2W-P(OH) - fair enough, a double weapon isn't off-hand)

3rd: "Quarterstaff (Head 2 only)
single entry, attack +2, damage 1D6+3 – the values for use as a 2H weapon only.


Also: it's too easy to equip a Quarterstaff as "Both hands" not "double weapon" - irritating, 'cos then you think there's a different bug as only 2H shown


windows 7-64, java 6, pathfinder core book


Andrew Maitland
October 29, 2012, 11:18 PM

I'm not seeing a bug here. What exactly are you seeing that you feel is incorrect?

Main Weapon is exporting as Double Weapon in a simple block = The Stats are -6/-6 (Hmm, I think it should be -6/+2 but I could be wrong)
Head 1 shows a full output block: +2 if using it two handed, -6 as Double Weapon
Head 2 shows +2 as the off-hand is always treated as light.

Hmm, not very pretty, but not sure I can fix it in the next 24 hours.

As to the equipping, that isn't an OS issue, that's CODE.

Saxum Caribetum
October 30, 2012, 1:55 AM

1) the export as simple block is not useful if you go on to have the full block - esp if you are using full blocks to disambiguate the shortness of the short form! We don't get short+long for any other weapon type.

2) the full block is incomplete - it labels 1H-P and 1H-O and 2W-P-(OH) as "N/A" when you'd expect to see those filled in. (The *damage is filled in, but not the To Hit)

3) Head 2 as a single box isn't particularly useful. What about the other modes?

So as an experiment I added a Quarterstaff: +1 flaming/+5 ghost touch (nicely obviously different both ends...)

I can now see:
the Simple attack bonus is -5/-5 ... so it's added the primary +1 to both ends but still as -6. Wrong
Head 1 gets full treatment as a +1 flaming weapon
Head 2 gets perfunctory treatment as a +5 ghost touch weapon.

With such a weapon, you might often use the +5 ghost touch Head 2 is the primary, except against say, things vulnerable to fire.

In short, I expected a straight pair of full blocks, one for each head. Or - if identical, and things are up to saving space, just one full block.

It's also something funny about which weapon it is, as playing around while writing this, a magical two-bladed sword appears with 2 full blocks and a simple block, rather than 1 simple, 1 full, and 1 truncated.

Andrew Maitland
October 30, 2012, 2:32 AM

Thanks for the insight, this will be a post 6.0 thing. We'll be working on a template engine which should make cleaning this up easier.




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