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It would be convenient if there was some space on the printed version of the sheets with e.g. empty weapon item table, space to put magic rings and other things a character can wear, ...

Why not always print a complete table, leaving spaces empty if none have been filled in (yet) in the digital sheet?




Andrew Maitland
September 15, 2013, 3:30 PM

I can answer that in a simple manner - Harder to implement, mind you this isn't a "Won't Implement" but a "You'd better explain exactly what you want or else you won't get it." Here's why:

All the tables that have items populate them are dynamic, they expand and contract based upon the items in them. Adding a "Blank" space or two, means you're altering that dynamic, and placing an additional area removing space for other Class Abilities that might populate there. (Trust me, a lot of abilities populate on that front page).

When you consider how much is crammed on just the front page alone, you start to realize space is at a premium.

You should have plenty space on the back page of the printed sheet for notes. But the assumption is everything the character has will be on the character, or you update the character when something changes. Hence why we call it a character generator and maintenance program.

Let's narrow down your request - You want a blank space for weapons?
We only allow three weapons on the first page, so this would be an additional weapon on the 2nd page - not very useful but hey, if that the request... Or you always want a weapon block for three weapons? Great! Which type? Is this Melee, Thrown or Projectile? Yes, there are three versions to display. Do we want the full stat block or just the simple stat block?

If the person adds a weapon, do these blank weapon blocks disappear, or did we want to have them remove a block to account for the change, or always display them?

You want AC Enhancing items? How much space?

Things the character can wear would be more apt to place in the equipment section. That's a page 2 section.

Your head spinning yet? I hope so, cause that's what I'll have to figure out to work this request. If you really want this please be very specific in what it is you really want to see, cause right now, it's too vague and I'm not going to spend 12 hours pulling apart the code in hopes I accomplish what you seem to want. (I'm not joking, it will take me about 12 hours to accomplish that).

Erwin Van de Velde
September 16, 2013, 3:35 AM

Okay... you made your point, in a not very subtle way

Perhaps I can offer an alternative solution? Adding the possibility to print a separate page with empty spaces for a some weapons and items: that way players can write their new found items down during the session (I do not like to make the playing sessions too digital). And afterwards they can enter it in their sheet.

It is easier to have a table to write things down, so you have all information nicely formatted The tables can be a bit more general (e.g. suitable for all weapons).

Andrew Maitland
December 3, 2014, 11:41 PM

Man, time flies by. Would something like Some blank lines be what you're looking for? I'm not sure about a new table, but perhaps on the notes page a "New Equipment Found" blank section with 6 lines in a box to write down?




Erwin Van de Velde




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