Minor Formatting Issues - newly merged sheets


The refactor of the PDF sheets to use the common components is looking great, particularly the spells output. However I spotted a few minor issues when outputting a character with the standard PDF sheets after the merge (currently at r24638).

  1. Text under boxes in the AC and initiative lines needs a little bit of space above so that it does not touch the box.

  2. BAB box has gone - this may be intentional but the space is there.

  3. The new conditional save modifier box looks great, but the old tiny one is still present and could be removed.

  4. The Druid Wildshape box is broken. In the old sheet the bottom line was above the duration (which was probably wrong)

Attached are export before the change, export after the change and the character (use Pathfinder core supplements source plus skull and Shackles players guide sources to get most of the rules items).




Andrew Maitland
July 21, 2014, 4:05 PM

Fixed - I wondered why I had commented out that line... Added the child elements it craves.

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Andrew Maitland


James Dempsey