I Wish output was better for complex weapon wielders


So I've been using PCGen for quite a while, and love it. Except when it doesn't do what I want

Some people may use it interactively on tablets, and so can change mode on the fly - I, and my whole group, work with (re-)printed paper sheets, which we scribble on, and re-print after e.g. level breaks.
Sorcerers and most other spont casters are near perfect. Wizards are good. Clerics have too many damned spells given the row of books - but that's another story.

Fighter,s Rangers, Barbarians, and all the other complex weapon wielders have a problem.
What we'd like to do, in broad, is to separate the constant stuff from the options, print the fixed stuff (Name, abilities, saves, HP, skills, special abilities, equipment load,...) (and yes i know some of those change with various Temp. Bonuses, and I'd scream if they didn't).


weapons... are all over the place.
Specific problems:

  • you can't control the order, so you can't fudge "groups"

  • "carried as equipped" can't cope with 1/2handed weapons. If I am using Longsword 2H, and have an alternative 1H weapon wielded 2H, it's printed 1H. The "check you can equip it" rules are great form simples, like Wizards with wands, but too simple for martial slice'n'dicers.

  • because Power Attack and similar is broken. It only works right is you add in the bonus 1H and wield 1H, or 2H and wield 2H, but carried 1H weapons use the 1H rules... because it can't tell.

  • the Standard Block with all the modes doesn't really help. it prints a full set where they don't apply, and a broken set if using power attack.

Frex, I'm trying to prep a Barbarian for a visiting player, who's played 3.5 but not PF. Barbarian seemed like a good, straightforward choice, and there's a semi-PC in the extended group, free to use.
So I want to prepare handouts - showing the basic character, and prepared fighting options.

He's basically a Sword-n-board bloke: Longsword & shield. With a warhammer for the inevitable DR/Blunt.
And he Rages (+Str to hit & damage)
And Power Attack.
And Reckless Abandon.
And favours Charge attacks (with Vital Strike) to get in and drop'em in one.
And if he unequips his Shield and goes all out attack, wielding sword or hammer 2H, then he gets 1.5 Str and 1.5 Power attack.

So ... my ideal... would provide some way to have a Fighting sheet, where you could pick weapons (regardless of the Equip state, 'cos you can swap as needed, but not do the math...) and options.
You could pick 1H, 1H+shield, 2H, 2H with buckler, 2W, ...
You could pick specific weapon related bonuses which add to Atk, Dam (Rage, spell, Reckless Abandon, Power Attack,...), number of attacks (e.g. Rapid Shot for bows)
Pick Ammunition for bows etc.
And print one or more groups.
Be really nice to arrange that a group didn't split across a page boundary.

Doesn't matter if it's in one PDF or a separate PDF from the main PC sheet, as I can print specific pages.
Does matter not to have all the repeated stuff that's constant to be NOT present.

I'd like it to work with the Preview (and troubleshooting!) sheets, too - but it'd be fine if that only showed 1 group at a time.

I suspect this is a large amount of work, and involves both Code and Output sheet work. But I can dream....


Pathfinder ...


Andrew Maitland
December 20, 2015, 7:26 AM

Primarily code work. OS Only takes input exported from the program.

Andrew Maitland
October 25, 2016, 5:06 AM

Well... we shall see. Give me a few months after we get the new formula system in place, and this "might" become a reality.




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