Create an OS that mimics the Pathfinder NPC Codex layout


copied from PCGen forums;
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Comparing to Paizo website NPC Codex entry (example)

There is no Space/Reach entries on the Paizo site, but present in the PCGen sheet

Not sure about the 'Special Attacks' entry... from a couple entries it look like it's the Race/class special attack stuff... (Bardic Performance = Offense, Bardic Knowledge going under SQ)

There is a 'Tactics' section between Offense and Statistics. This might be faked by using one of the sections in the Description tab (Description, Companions, Other Assets, Magic Items)??

In the Statistics section;
force name 'Gear' into 'Combat Gear'
— Combat Gear seems to consist of 'use items' and 'Other Gear' seems to consist of more 'permanent' items... I'll have to look at more examples to be sure, but that seems to be the case.... So an Inventory sorting on the sheet itself?

The entire Special Abilities section on the OS is not present in the Paizo versions.
— That section has the 'Name'* of the NPC and their 'Bio' (Which I did not include in the above Tactics section for this reason).

*The 'Name' at the top of the character sheet (paizo's) seems to denote the type/style of NPC... Like the example I linked above.

Header Sections (Offense, Defense, Tactics, Statistics) should be Black background with White text.

NPC Codex version
'2 column' version(option) of the sheet to better match the layout style.

The 'Box of info' at the top (1st column) is 2 columns, 3 rows... For PCGen OS purposes on colors (left to right, top row to bottom);
– Black background/white text, White background with black text
Light Gray (or medium?) background, Black text, White Background, black text
Light Gray (or medium?) background, Black text, Black background white text

Everything else I listed above from the Paizo site

And under the 'Name' section (Bio in PCgen), there are 2 additional small sections under there;
"Combat Encounters"
"Roleplaying Suggestions"

So there are 4 different sections that need to be added... and 3 of them faked... so suggested matchings;
Name = Bio
Tactics = Description
Combat Encounters = Companions
RP Suggestions = Other Assets

That's as close as I can come with what we have.

That's the differences between them.

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Stefan Radermacher
January 23, 2016, 4:35 AM

Closed accidentally. Work continues!

Stefan Radermacher
January 23, 2016, 4:50 AM

Submitted PR #901.

New preview sheet statblock_codex.htm.ftl to mimic the statblock style used in the Pathfinder RPG NPC Codex
New common file for Pathfinder statblocks common/common-pathfinder.ftl.

New features:

  • Added TACTICS section. If you want output in this section, add new Notes on the Description tab.These notes must be named exactly "Before Combat", "During Combat", and/or "Morale". Order is unimportant. (used by both statblocks)

  • Added character description. Enter the description on the Description tag. The Codex statblock will display this information below the statblock.

  • Fixed output of Space and Reach (should not display when both are 5 ft.

This is a work in progress, I'll try to get more done to make both statblock more silimar to the originals.

Two-column output isn't possible at the moment unfortunately. As far as I can tell, this can only be done with CSS3 or Javascript, both of which are unavailable with the browser plugin we are using.

The statblocks are designed to use the freely available fonts Gandhi Sans and Gandhi Serif. The Codex statblock benefits from the freely available font Oleandra.

Please feel free to comment and make additional design suggestions.

Stefan Radermacher
January 23, 2016, 5:14 AM

I have now merged the pull request, so the new statblock is now available for testing.



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