Simple/standard sheet doesnt show temporary bonus


For a barbarian I like to print out two copies of the sheet - once in full, and another with the 'rage' bonus applied (and I just print the first sheet).

I'd like to see something on the first page to indicate that the rage template has been applied, to aid in differentiation between this and the normal sheet (and yes, the increased stats should definitely make this clear, however I'm thinking full clarity for the player*, and of the benefit for some other, perhaps less obvious temporary bonuses too)

*Typical player - Oh, am I really still using my raging sheet for all of this, I hadn't noticed... perhaps I shouldn't have been doing so much damage all this time...too late to worry now.

I've seen (on the second page) a section for 'templates' that have been added, something like that could do it, but it would need to be on the front page to work.

Adding the temporary bonus(es) name(s) in brackets after the character name is probably the simplest, and clearest.

Adding it as a 'watermark' (lighter font) diagonally across the stats would be really professional, though far from simple!





Andrew Maitland
July 20, 2014, 9:59 PM

Temp Bonuses display as part of other work.

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